Thursday, February 10, 2011

My egyptian maids are coming home

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  When i send the children to study in egypt in september last year , it never crossed my mind that i would see them again this february...but that's what going to happen to egyptian maids are coming home tomorrow..there is one ayat in the quran which said/meaning:manusia merancang but Allah juga merancang..and Allah's perancangan is the best..pater said in september that they can only come back in 2016..after studying six years in egypt..

  They first made it known to me that they were determined to study in egypt in january last year..but when dukturah debe and dukturah ma went for short course at darul quran in kuala kubu bharu in february, their intention of going abroad got blurred... dukturah debe preferred to study in malaysia..and dukturah ma...apa-apa saja laaa...any university will do..
Dukturah ma's classmate in form six science in a school in dungun terengganu,malaysia..and okasaa thinks with their form teacher..

What a bless to have two unpaid maids or bibiks who will do all the chores for okasaan..never mind if only for three weeks or a month..but Ya Rabb please let them go back to egypt as soon as the situation permits...but for the time being okasaan will savour every moment with them because ....maybe..yes maybe..this is the last time to see them ...because after this okasaan will see them in 2016 money to buy their air tickets...

He tried to be a horror drama actor but was rejected because of the size of his stomach...hahahahaha...the producer could not afford to buy rice to feed him....
The actor when out of job two beloved hafizs at pengkalan balak beach in is so uncertain ...who would have guess that the people of egypt are doing what they are doing now...but one thing is very certain..
 Very excited to visit opah and atuk..they can only come once a year to this place..opah and atuk in sg besar and they in paka takes seven hours to reach sg besar by driving the unser...
The children were very happy to visit opah's and atuk's final resting place..

The two dukturah are coming home six oclock in the morning egypt time they will go to jeddah airport..hopefully postphoning no delaying and of course no cronying heart feels as if it will burst..not with pride like at klia airport ..but as if..cannot describe the feeling laa..insyaallah we will meet the twin dukturahs tomorrow
  Adios..Allah is Great..Allah huakbar

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The best friday in my life

  Salaam children of heaven ,

In three years time we will leave all these behind..but okasan hope we can plant the cempedak madu at our new home..hahhaha..but where is it going to be okasaan leave it to Allah..only Allah Knows ..

Remember this soto...we ate soto after the majlis tahlil at opah's house..

We always ask pakusu to buy siput sedut everytime we go to opah's home..these siput sedut are best cooked with coconut milk,some chilli api..when opah was alive she always cooked these siput sedut  for us ..we don't have to ask her to cook masak lemak cili api but everytime we went back home to sg besar, siput sedut is a must menu..aahhhh..but opah is no more with us..

Can you all tell okasaan where is this place..

If you twin dukturahs can see this m a now , okasaan is sure that you two will get a big is either the baju kurung is getting smaller or this m a is getting fatter...hahahahahaha..two bowls of kuewtiu sup every evening...never miss walaupun sehari...that was what she told us the last time okasaan saw her..

At klia...those happy faces are not smiling anymore..okasaan wonders why..if you children want to know why you have to ask them...okasaan is not interested to know makandak said, daki dunia belaka

Remember these handsome guys..especially the one on the left..all of you kena doa so that this hafiz can hafal his quran dengan lebih baik..

Tomorrow is the last day for okasaan's principal....and the day after tomorrow we are going to raikan dia..yak yak ye...we are going to rai him as a i am the bosssssssssssssssss...just perasannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...

Monday, February 7, 2011

tahfiz al itqan

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  Have i told you before that tahfiz itqan is only 8km from our home..the first time okasaan went to that tahfiz was in 2009..but it was in 2008 that okasaan first heard about was through okasaan's friend whom okasaan met at masjid tengku mizan mosque at kertih...okasaan first thought of sending all of you to tahfiz was when abang was only two years old,ayi was one year that time que was seven years old and the twin dukturahs were five years old...when okasaan sent que to sriak ,pater's sisters said membazir wang sahaja...wasting the money..but you know it was my money right from que till hayi...meaning from day one of the first child until the last day of the last child...i am not complaining...after all it was my dream of having five hafizs and hafizahs...but of you stopped halfway..but you know okasaan still hope that dropout hafizah will one day completed her hafalan...

  When okasaan first met pater , okasaan never thought that okasaan would give birth to all of you in four different states ...of course the twin dukturahs were at the same the kitchen...of all places to be tanah tumpahnya darahku...meaning literally the place my first blood drops...hahahahaha...and now you are in three different states/continents..studying what you want to be....okasaan really hope all of you get what you wish for..okasaan was listening to klasik nasional you know...the singer said not die first....jangan mati dulu...hahahahaha..okasaan does not know who will go first ..but pray to Allah we will meet  in firdaus...

  Okasaan cannot sleep tonight even though the clock shows this time last year..okasaan was already asleep...okasaan feels so sleepy but okasaan's eyes are wide sunyi sound at all..only the sound from okasaan's portable radio cum torchlight...

  Adios children...

the donuts que bought before she went back to her pretty but very dangerous .

                 during family day at pengkalan balak three months before the twins went to egypt
  Salaam children of heaven ,

  Last thursday okasan went to you know where with pater ,the two hafizs and que..we went right after okasan skyped with dukturah debe..if left to okasan to decide okasan would rather stay at home because that was the day the two dukturahs were to be evacuated from cairo..but what to do...pater insisted of going to you know where..okasan thinks it is not to visit pater's mater sangat  laa but rather to let pater's pater and pater's mater to listen to the two hafizs recite quran during maghrib and isya' prayers... hear the two hafizs reciting quran as the imam during those two prayers...i felt as if my heart would burst with pride at that moment...if only opah and atuk were alive...okasaan feels both of them would feel proud just like okasaan..but it was not meant to be..both opah and atuk would never see those two hafizs or hear them recite quran in this world..

  Eventhough okasaan knows those two dukturaahs are in madinatul hujjaj in jeddah okasaan still worries about them...yes..both of them and all the people there have enough food , enough clothes and enough beds and pillows ...but are their minds feel tenang ...some universities are having their examinations on the 12th of february...but alhamdulillah the two dukturahs had theirs before the rusuhan ...they had theirs on the 15th of january...and it ended two days before the rusuhan/demonstrations...once again...alhamdulillah..amin Ya Rabb..

  Yesterday i did not go to school because i did not feel up to it..i could not sleep much since the rusuhan started...and tomorrow i thought of taking a day off also...crk you know..i do not know what the staff are going to comment about my not going to school tomorrow..i have told you two or three weeks ago that my principal will retire in two days time..on the 9th of february to be exact..

  Adios children..take a very good care of yourselves...this is the time to read your quran the most ..this is the time to solat as soon as the azan ends ...this is the time to dress as a good muslimah...i never thought that i will see you sooner than july...Allah is Great...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

  Salaaam children of heaven ,

  For the last few days i am sure my bp has risen..i cannot sleep at night ...i keep looking at the handset ..even in the middle of night whether malaysian time or egypt time i keep looking at that thing...there were times when i called the children asking them where were they at that time..sometimes they were answering with sleepy voice (is there such a thing ) telling me it was only three oclock in the morning..sometimes it was two oclock in the morning...hahahaha...what to do...i was so worried...

  Now they are in jeddah ..sitting on the floor ..waiting for their visa to be done or it is waiting for the visa to be completed...i don't know which know , i am thinking of taking crk tomorrow..i don't feel strong enough  to go to school ..physically yes but .i am very sure this month's bill for that thing is terlebih bajet...overspend by how many hundreds ,i cannot tell...i cannot write many things to tell but i don't know to write ...i think i will continue tomorrow if i feel like mind is so serabut..

  Maybe i will see the children sooner than intended...adios..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The uncertainty is killing me

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  Yesterday we went to kelantan to fetch que back home ticket as today the chinese people are celebrating their new year...we stayed overnight at wakaf che yeh...i didn't feel like buying anything as the situation in nasr city was and is to tell all the children to remain calm to tell them to act like orang dewasa when they are only nineteen years old...some of them have never venture outside their negeri and suddenly they are in such a situation...only Allah knows how worried i am...i couldn't sleep in that inn the whole night..the children said sometimes they could hear the sound of guns..m16 ? machine gun ? ya Rabb lindungi all of them..there are 10 of them in that house alone and there are over 11000 all over that country...

  Dear children , flood melanda parts of johor , pahang ,n9 , melaka and sabah me this is not natural fenomena you me this is some warning from Allah..during tenang by election there was one pemimpin of one party who dared to question about islam...on the day of mengundi the rain started to turun very fact it started to rain on the evening before the election..we in the east coast tak kena banjir but the people down under in the southern parts of semenanjung yg kena...perubahan cuaca ? maybe..bala from Allah ? definitely ..a warning ? also maybe ...what is important is whatever happens to us , please remember Allah is Great..only Allah can help us in such situations...

  So children please remember , only Allah Knows why such things happen to us..there are hikmahs that only Allah knows this situation say your zikir , doa banyak2 pada Allah..say selawat..and once again only Allah knows why this thing is happening to all of you..and only Allah can help you...okasaan can only berdoa..
As usual read your quran fact in this suasana you should lipat gandakan lagi...solat as soon as the azan ends and solat hajat from time to time ..and dress as a good muslimah and once again Allah is testing us , who among us is paling bertaqwa...ingat Allah selalu..

  May Allah Bless all of you children ...see you soon...sooner than we intended...adios..