Saturday, April 1, 2017

Now what

Salaam, hi guys

So akak and umi already left for Malaysia 3 days ago. Here me and Ma floating wondering on what next. As we already planned months ago, this time marking the 1st April is the day we sumbitting ourself as an intern in our previous teaching hospital. But I am very confirmed that the office is not opened today so I rather be a sloth today.

I tried to read some few things about HOship but I couldnt even finished 2 pages.

Oh btw, Qayah is staying with us now. She finished ALS today and passed! Omg that small girl is really a wonder woman. She deserved it! Got to pack her things in 2 days and attended full day course for 3 days straight is too much for me. She didnt sleep and still manage to read this morning preparing for the exam. Huhu. She will go far, isa

Hopefully I will go hit the road early. And get some stuff done. Come on, girl. Time is priceless. Time is life!