Friday, March 25, 2011

Breakfast at kg nyiur

  Salaam children of heaven

  Today okasaan feels like writing to the five of you..for the last few days , that was from sunday to friday , okasaan was the only inhabitant of our home..pater was in bangi ..dear children,okasaan really feels as if okasaan is going to die...know why ? one of the staffs at ppd has passed away last week..he was older than okasaan by two or three years only...whenever okasaan went to ppd he always greeted okasaan with "salam alaikum hajah..guane arini" with smile you know..and you know children when i think about it ..i have never seen him without the smile..and his eyes will also light up..know what..he has smiling eyes...yes that is it...smiling eyes...not like some people whose smiles do not reach the eyes..

  This morning okasaan went to kg.nyiur with take our breakfast at nor sobah usual the menu was roti canai and nasi minyak/nasi lemak...
Of course this is not nasi lemak or nasi minyak or roti canai...hahahahaha..mee kari..yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!..this is mee kari..just now while on the way to tahfiz itqan after having breakfast , okasaan told pater, now that we have the money to spend ..but we cannot eat as we like when we were young...Allah's way works in misterious ways ..

The road in front of opah's home ..jam giler...the traffic during eidulfitri...and this is what okasaan misses most..watching the traffic in the evening..

Dear children , last night i really miss my mater ..and you know what..mak andak is also missing opah...maybe because we are old and because we want to be with our siblings again..just like when we were young ..people are like that ..your pak usu..

  This morning pater asked okasaan when okasaan wants to build our home in sura..
  As usual dear children ,read your quran ..solat as soon as the azan ends and dress as a good muslimah does...see you .. adios...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mempelam tree

   Salaam children of heaven,,
  Remember the mango tree near the drain when okasaan came back from work some of the branches have been chopped the tree is not round or bulat gete anymore like it used to be...the jambu tree near the kitchen was also chopped off..and you know something , hundreds of putik mempelam were on the ground..meaning the monkeys would not have ripe mangos in the future...aaahh...what a waste

  Dear children , do you remember pakcik mat saman..he and his wife took care the three of you when we were in maran , when you were small ..pater called last nigh from bangi .i am watching  tv 9 as i write this ..upin n ipin laaa...

remember this palm tree..okasaan cut all the leaves...and  some branches of the mempelam tree near the drain were chopped off this morning..
the cempedak tree ..most of its branches were chopped off also this more leaves ...meaning okasaan can rehat in the evening..okasaan can attend mesyuarat tingkap windows meeting as many as okasaan likes...hahahahahahahaha......tonight okasaan ate three kacang botol...fresh from the farm laaa..

   Call him or better still send him messages..he is always alone and lonely maybe...rahmat Allah ada di mana - mana...

 It is nearly midnight now...okasaan must sleep now ...hahahahahaha..tonight okasaan is going to sleep on the bed in the room near the cempedak tree ...
As usual please read your quran ,,solat on time  and dress as a good muslimah does ...adios children ..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Alone again

9   Salaaam children of heaven

Last thursday my egyptian maids went back to nasr city ..and today my two hafizs also went back to their m a is already at her college in one of the states at east i am all alone at home....dear children today is also my first day after school breaks for a week..but ooohhh...what a week.....starting from thursday 10th Mac i feel the days ahead are going to be one heaven of a week..mind is as if the days have wings on their ..on their..on their ..body ? head ? don't know where laaa

  Everyday we went shopping ...hahahahahaha...not shopping to some grand shopping mall..just to centre point ,aduka mini market ,mydin , sakan ..some small shops around our home..on sunday 13th of Mac we were asked to attend taklimat / meeting with some yayasan terengganu officers regarding sending back the students to last the day that we have been waiting since they came back in february ,muncul juga came at last...on that day we were up by 4 oclock in the 515am we were on the road...their flight were at 10am but we have to be at sultan mahmud airport by 8am..and today i went to my school ...still no principal ...

  Dear children , study hard and study smart ..i am an old person already..this coming april i will bw fifty two years old..a warga emas a golden precious as gold but cannot be eaten ...that is gold...

  As usual read your quran ,solat on time and watch your dressing...aaahh...i do not know when we are going to meet again...adios children of heaven..
will they celebrate this year eidulfitri at opah's home ..only Allah Knows..
our family..opah's and atuk's children ,grandchildren and of course daughters in law ,sons in law..