Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merpati tua sejoli

   Salaaam children of heaven

  Today i went to bachok with que and pater..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My two hafiz

                                                           Muhammad Abdul Qayyum                    

                                                      Muhammad Abdul Hayyi

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  Yesterday i went to tahfiz itqan ..just to bring some fruits and a bottle of fresh  milk to the two was raining when we went there..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dunia akhir zaman

  Salam children of heaven,

Tonite pater and que are watching football matching between msia and indon...for me the days of doing such things are over..what is so great of watching twenty two grown men chasing after a ball..a ball you know..i am sure some of the players would not perform isya'prayer with reasons only they know..but the most obviuos reason is they will say they are so tired after running walking chasing for nearly two hours..and maybe tomorrow morning the fajr prayer will also be forgotten..and with the same reason also..tiredness..

School will be opened in a few days time..ahhh... what a bliss to do nothing during the holidays..just lying when i feel like children to be taken care mouth to be spooned nothing..just me and me and me myself..lucky there is a thing we call pc..if not for that pc, i cannot say how bored i am..but you know because of that pc,my masa habis just mengadap the screen..

You know children,for me life is not so happy now..know why...i have no vision nor mission for the future..what i mean is no vision or mission for myself....what i want now is lots and lots and lots of pitih..i dream of going for hajj and omra..i do not want new clothes , shoes , or handbags for next year..for me the old clothes are enough..i bought new handbags because the old one dah tercabut tali ..if not i will use the old one...i never thought life will be this i do not like to read nor watching tv..most of the time i just lie near the bed thinking of nothing..doing nothing..just staring into empty space..

Dear children of heaven, i feel so sleepy most of the time but when i try to sleep i only terlena sekejap saja.. maybe for half and hour ..that is why most of the time i like to hadap the screen of my pc or if not i just lie down..ok children,have to pen off now ..time to sleep if not i will just stare into empty space..
As usual read your quran everyday , solat on time and watch your aurat..adios.....see you next year,insyaallah.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pekan Sg.Lembing

   Salaam children of heaven,

  Do you know where is Sg Lembing..i am sure if you love geography you will know where is this town lembing is famous for its tin mines just bukit besi is famous for its irons ..there are so many things to tell about sg lembing but for this entry i want to tell you all about melah..melah is a girl in sg lembing..i first came to know about her when my housemate lost some of her under garments..

  Some of my students live near melah's house or rather melah lives near one of my students house..when my colleage complaint about her missing under garments to her landlord's daughter, the girl told her mother that she saw melah took malay folks missing under garments is a very serious thing..some people take or steal girl's under garments to use them as ubat pengasih , ubat jerawat or just to aniaya the girl's family or the girl herself..

  My friend was very afraid at first and she wanted to make a police report..but her landlord's wife asked her not to do so ..and do you know why....hahahahaha....we were very serious about making the report you know doubt about that fact we were on our way to the police station..or if i am not mistaken we were already there..i mean the police station...but..hahahaha....the policeman himself asked my friend if she really wanted to make the report...

  One of the policeman is pak uteh's friend and he told me to advise my friend not to make the know why...hahahahaha....yes,yes.yes......melah is a bit masuk air in her upstairs..hahaha....know what i mean...she is tiga suku.... a bit tak end of the story of sg lembingggg..

  As usual children ,read your quran ,solat on time and watch your hard and study smart..just remember you are very lucky to be studying medicine right now ..may Allah Bless you all ..
Adios ..see you soon..

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pisang oh laa pisang

  Salaam children of heaven,
  Yesterday i got a bit marah because my pisang was hijacked by pater was like this remember or not my pokok pisang behind our dapur pokok pisang is ripe enough untuk pater is going to pater's pater lodge , and since nobody is going to eat that buah pisang , i asked que to inform pater that he can bring that tandan pisang to you know where laa..but you know, one tandan is not enough for him ..he asked que whether the pisang near the tiang api tnb can be tebang also..can you guess what que told pater ...yes yes yes...go ahead ..umi said there's nobody to eat the bananas.

  Apa lagi... dengan bersegera pater asked que to bring another plastic bag ..can you all imagine how i feel at that time...i have been waiting for two years to rasa that buah pisang...and it is only a matter of days before that pokok masak.....but what can we do ...rezeki Allah yang tentukan..i only planted it but i was not fated to eat it  as rezeki means i have to wait another year to see the buah pisang pulak..right now there are three anak pisang near the ibu pisang..

It is raining as i am writing this entry..Now it is nearing 7pm ..this morning i took abang and hayii to pasar tani kertih..we bought martabak air cendol some keropok lekor goreng and some fruits..

  Ok children ,time to go now..see you all next usual read your quran,solat on time and watch your aurat...Best of luck for your fisio exam..

  Adios...may Allah Bless you all....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Musim udang dah tiba

Salaaam children of heaven,

It is nearly 10 pm when i am writing this entry is raining outside ..the weather now is the morning the sun shines dengan terik but suddenly the cloud comes and guess what..yes..hujan mencurah curah ..pouring like pili bomba...but you know..actually i do not want to talk about the weather laa..i just feel like laughing and laughing and laughing my head there such a phrase find yourself laa..

Last two days pater went to you know where to take his annual activity...before going pater told que that he would go to pater's pater lodge after that..meaning pater would not go straight home ..and this morning thinking pater would sleep over there for two or three days,i send a message asking pater to buy some udang...and you know what children....suddenly que went berserk !!!!!!!!!!!!!pater is home !!!!!!!!!!!! pater is home !!!!!!! and pater brought so many udang...........hahahaha.........not so many but ..but..banyaknyaaaaaaaaaaa. To me it is not the udang but the thought that know what i mean children ,knowing the situation ..

 Every night i can hear the burung tukang working you know..pecking at the wood..maybe sending some signal to its mate..i can hear this burung tukang only in december..never in other months..maybe raining season is mating season..children, i want to pen off now even though i do not use any pen to write this entry..time to take some beauty sleep..last night i could not sleep..i cursed and cursed and cursed you know who and who and who...but at the end i thought why buat dosa by cursing the burung tukang ....hahahahaha...not the burung tukang fact i rather like the sound made by that sad...

Adios always read your quran ....solat on time and watch your aurat...may Allah Bless you all.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

  Salam children of heaven,

  Today i skyped with my dukturahs dukturah debe used to say,it was a blast me it is Allah's will..what if the internet line is a bit sengal , what if the weather is not good many what if...i do not feel those twins are so far away at egypt , the reason is very simple. We can talk and see each other nearly everyday ..or nearly every friday..ahhh..the bliss of modern technology...but you know with this modern technology we can see the sufferings of other people in far far away countries the flood in pakistan, the tsunami in indonesia and the fire in israel....

  My dukturah said today i am very happy..i also do not know why i am happy today..the weather in paka is a bit cold but not as cold as in egypt ..just windy maybe..this is raining season you know..even though it is near two thirty in the afternoon we cannot see the sun yet..

  This is the first time in my life that the children are not at home during school seems like yesterday that m a first entered std one in pasir gudang primary she is in college in east coast ..the twins are in egypt and those two boys are in seems i am getting old ancient piramid in egypt or like me laaa...hahahaha...

  Nothing to say more story to tell..maybe tomorrow i have new ideas..adios children of usual read your quran solat on time and dont forget to watch your aurat..adios....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sepatutnya tapi tak patut pun

 Salaam children of heaven ,

Only one reason why the dukturah wants you to explain arabic to your friends whenever they look stuck in their lesson..the dukturah wants you to improve your arabic laaa ..and i also feel the dukturah likes you ..that is why she always asks you even though you said there are other students whose arabic are better than you .if you want to learn other language , you must speak that language you learn speak kelantanese in schooldays if you want to improve your arabic ,you must speak that language..both of you must speak arabic whenever you have the home ,in the market .at campus ..

 Today the weather is not so good/bad..its raining from morning till now (afternoon)and it doesnt seem to stop .I like it because i want to sleep in the afternoon ..pater is working ..que is also sleeping .what a bliss to get the chance to sleep whenever i feel like it ..

 Allah has grant my doa ..that is what i feel now..i am more happier now eventhough my tulang -tulang are getting sakit from time to time ..i cut my hair short .just like hayyi's hair ..but i like it ..and from now on i want to pamper myself not with luxury but with ubat-ubat yang mahal-mahal...Dear Rabb ,i really want to go to makkah madinah..please invite me as your guest this 1432h ..

Dear children of heaven , pray to Allah to ease your life over there in egypt in bachok and in labuhan..adios children ,as usual read your quran ,solat on time and please watch your aurat..but que..i feel sad looking at the way youre dressing..

Salaaam..may Allah Bless you all the time

eru sana sini

Assalam alaykum,hehehe,now i should be at my study desk as this next Monday there will be a super kecoh Anat test.I dunno la why Anat like kecoh-kecoh.Subjek lain pun besar,mungkin sebab Anat suka tanya2 ni.Heeeshh

Just now,I was on the bed.I recited doa tidor,but suddenly I am in front of the lappy and write a post.Life is just pelik.I've finished on revising today's lecture.Thanks Allah,not much but I still managed to do it.Tomorrow may be a dull day.Last class,i got sore throat so I got excuses to explain Arabic to the whole class,but now my demam is already kebah.Aigoohh,i dont like this feeling la.

Why dont just dukturah ask Kak Fatimah,she's better than me-la.And I also x puas hati with some students.Most of them know Arabic well.Why dont they teach their beside friend.What a very keling English I am using now.Don't mind them.

No-la.I meant that they supposed to help dukturah.Whenever a little group looked stuck,dont bising like lalat hurung sampah daaa,dukturah said many times,she didnt like anybody talking during her class,instead of soksek2 ketawakan English dukturah(my instinct),why dont u teach ur friend.Hehehe,I told u okassaan,this girl only got not much than 60 when she learnt Arabic before.Maybe those friends loved to see me so kureng in Nahu.I dont know.

About zakat.If i can get them,i planned on doing revenge.There will be pesta buku this February.Thinking on spending hundreds on books like u guys ;p

Hehehe,maybe I will consider on kipas.Maybe I will need it later on.First of all,lets pray that I can get it.heeee

okay bebeh,gtg now.i better sleep now.babai

salama alykum
Salaam children of heaven ,

  After reading my daughter's entry yesterday i feel a bit bangga ..know why ?..her dukturah asked her to explain to her coursemates whenever they looked blank during arabic my class ,i always tell my students to form study group and takes turn to act like a teacher ..if you can explain to your coursemates and they can understand what you are talking about , it means you understand what your dukturah tells you .it is as simple as counting 1 2 3 ..

  Dear children , be humble and always ask for Allah's guidance..who are we to be arrogant..always remember it is a blessing from Allah that you are in nasr city now , studying medicine ..can you still remember what you wrote in balai islam in our quarters tnb ..take care of yourself in this winter time ..dont expose yourself to the wind is not good for our lungs and nose ..your nose can bleed if the weather is too cold ..if you have mafla use it to wrap around your face and cover your nose only your eyes..

  For the last eleven days , i always go to sleep after two o'clock the morning ..mind you know why ..too many things to talk and not enough time to do so tonight i want to sleep early ..adios children of heaven and as your quran , solat on time and dont forget watch your aurat ..
Babai  and see you maybe next year ..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

  Salam children of heaven,

 This holiday i went to johor bahru for my cousin's daughter's cousin got married when she was twenty years old..we were born in the same year 1959 but i am older than her .she married her husband when i was in upper six in convent bukit nanas when her second daughter was married last week, my second daughter is in nasr city ..nun jauh di sana ...

Dear children, in jb , i went bowling ...hahaha..not main bowling laaa but watching pakandak paklang syida and fit play bowling..frankling speaking, that kind of life is not my kind of life..even though i studied in kl for secondary school and then i went to penang for varsity life, i am still orang kampung danga mall i bought 4 handbags...hahahaha..what a record..but the best part was between que and umi , we bought books worth rm177..

 From jb we went back to sgbesar for a few days..and today we arrived home after being away for eleven usual pakusu and uncle fahmi hantar balik with abang eli's car..ok children time to say adios..i am a bit tired being so lama duduk dalam abang eli's car ..adios ,, to be continued...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Salam alaykum to everybody~!

Today after skyped with u guys,(those happy faces~! It was a blast to meet all of u in the same time,thanks to skype),immediately I went to class.Well,today is Arabic lesson and Anat Lab.Frankly speaking,from time to time I became less comfortable in Arabic class.Yeah,Im grateful that I've got Arabic basic before.But, nahu and sarf arent that good-lah.

Dukturah Su'ad(which I just knew her name today),always asked me to tell the whole class when we looked stuck in some parts.When it came to a bit hard part(I left Arabic almost a year),I am stressed.I have to understand dukturah's Arabic and in the mean time to satisfy my coursemates to  understand the way I used to be.Never mind,I'll try to be positive-minded.

My aim here is to speak Arabic fluently,either the informal or the formal one.Like when I was in Kelantan before,I used to adapt myself in short time due to several causes.First,I speak Kelantanese all the time.It made me like a real Kelantanese.WAHAHAHA.Even my family compalaint that I speak Kelantanese all the time.I remember my first holiday,my feeling mixed.I was happy that I can go back to my house but in the same time,I loved Kelantan.

I don't want to live in Cairo,I want to go back to Malaysia.Hahahaha!

Today,I went to a programme that was conducted by kakak senior.CSI Azhar.Cairo Seerah Investigation.And it will be continued to tomorrow.But tomorrow I think I can't make it because in the morning I have to go to pasar,and then cook dishes for tetamu and malamnya pertemuan dengan mudir.

I feel like to go to Atabah instead of meet mudir,but never mind I will make up my time in this nearest time.May Allah ease my way,may Allah lighten my burden.

To everybody,hehehehehe,happy eating pizza.I dont dengki la.Here pizza is so many and so murah.I just missing sos cili,singgang,and satay and roti john and nasi kunyit and you decide-lah.Im not good in cooking but Ive no time to think abaout that because my time is fixed to memorize things or just mess around with my laziness.

Adios,babai.Happy day to everybody. ;)

akak,exam gane?bagi tau result!

Wassalam alaykum