Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy birthday my son

 Today is my son's birthday..he is my youngest children ..he has a brother who is my elder son and three sisters.. I gave birth to him when i was thirtyseven years old , in a private clinic in masai johor. At that time his pater worked in pasir gudang .Ooohhhh..what a joy to see his face for the first time...the doctor told me have a son..see his face and see his was to confirm that i gave birth to a boy ..same like his brother before..The nurse at hospital sabak bernam also asked me to look at my baby and to look at his conet..
 He is younger by fourteen months than his older brother..same like my daughters..they are separated by fourteen months in age..He took his first step when he was nine months and he can talked fluently when he was two years old... hahahaha,,,his brother could only blabber when he was at that wonder now abang only talks when necessary and he rarely rises his voice when he talks ...
  You know most of his aunties and cousins call him by the name enchem....hahahaha..he is quite hansome kot..but what is most glaring about him and m a are ,both of them have lesung pipit.!!!!! and both have mata sepet when laughing..
  Dear children of heaven, every night i pray to Allah ..jadikan all of you anak yang soleh yang memberi kebaikan di dunia and hereafter, make all of you hafiz and hafizah and when the time comes for all of you to get married ,please jodohkan mereka with hambaMu yang Engkau Redha hambaMu yang syahid yang berjuang untuk Islam...
  Salam children ...solat on time watch your aurat and read quran everyday..adios..

Friday, October 29, 2010

   Yaa Rabb..there are times when i think i am strong enough to tackle whatever comes in my path..but last night i didnt feel too well..i feel so sad so lonely ..i feel like killing some one..but it will not accomplish anything..when i woke up in the middle of the night i did some soul searching..this morning i am at peace with myself..hopefully the feeling will last until i die..there is no use crying over spilling milk..what is done is done ..from now on i will not care what he does to me.. Allah is my protector..unto Him i seek forgiveness..

  The day of judgment will come one can escape ..until the time comes i will not doa anything bad will happen to him..what if he is right and i am wrong..but if i am right and he is wrong i pray to Allah let him sedar diri..
I  am happy to hear at least one of my children is satisfied with her life..and i hope all my nieces are too. life is too short to be mopping around with sad long as we are healthy ,have roof above our head, have enough food to eat and surrounded by family ,tht is more than enough . There are people who are lessfortunate than those in mentawai .

  I pray to Allah all my children all my nieces all my nephews all my sisters all my brothers all my in-laws are in  rahmatNya .

Till We Meet Again

Salam alykum,as always I just can write thing to it simplest.Today,some of my friends come to my house.It is a blast.Everybody's enjoying this part.For me,I am very happy.Today,my friends from Cairo Uni come and eat dinner and even stay here tonite.

The last time I met them was 6 months ago.Sometimes,I think I've been blessed by Allah to have this chance to be  here.With 7As in SPM,I am now in the same place with  friends who got 11A's in SPM.Now,everythings absolutely depends on me.O Allah,ease my way,light my burden.

I am stuck with Histology now.Okay,got to go now.I must finish my Histo before it's too late.Ohhh,I hate it.Ooopps,I love Histo.Comeon girl,it only needs more push more and more.Okay,blog,okay FB,okay Skype meet you in 7 days time~!

Before going for holiday to death this winterbreak,let's go study to the end.Fighting On~!

Life is like a spinning wheel

   Salam children, if you think you are young, just remember that one day you will be an old fact right now you are getting older and older by the minute..if you think you can do anything ,just remember Allah Maha Melihat Maha Mendengar..yes i know you can do whatever you think can make me leave the house..right now is your time and remember the spinning wheel will always time will come one man is immortal.
   The day will come when you are weak and helpless..just remember every human being has feeling anugerah dari Allah..dont treat people like dirt under your shoes..remember...every living thing will perish when the time one can escape this sunnah....setiap yang bernyawa akan mati..
   All mankind from prophet Adam to the last man on earth akan dikumpulkan di padang mahsyar on the day of one can escape just remember this..i know this is your house can come and go just as you wish dont have to inform me every step that you make ..but remember on the day of judgement semua perkara akan diadili dengan saksama...
  Like i told you before there are days that i can stand that i can take whatever you do to me...but there days when only Allah knows what is in my heart ..and tonight is one of those moments when i feel i have enough of your days will come when you will feel like i feel right now..So children of your steps..
Be a good human being your quran ..solat on time your aurat..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Galas and Batu Sapi

   Dear children..have you heard these two places before this..i am sure that none of you know where these two places are..the other day i mentioned her pater was in galas and my m a asked me back what is galas !!!! I wonder if i said pater was in batu sapi ..could my m a said .. is batu sapi lembu yg keras seperti batu ?? just wondering you ignorant children of new mellineum are..are my al hafizs also as my m a..if they are ignorant too..they might be forgiven you know in the jungle in the place of nowhere..but if the two dukturahs are macam m a jugak...ayoyo..
   Sometimes you know , i am as strong as the rock ..i can jump..i can ran..but i can also cry..cry..cry..i wonder whether these emotions are the symptoms of orang buang tabiat..people who are dying usually acting outside their normal tabiat laaa..
   Lets go back to galas and batu sapi know i felt a bit sad because when i got back from school .you know who..was not at i got a bit adventures..i picked up the tm phone ,dialed you know who's number and yohooo!!!!hello ! where are you..i am at bukit bauk belum sapa dungun pong..nak g ane...nok g galah,,galah kat gua muse...petang esok balik ahh..ok .i put the phone down.....and true as you know who said..he came back sometime after 12.00midnight...and children ,can you guess what he brought back from galas..lempuk..dodol durian ..buah pauh buah kana halwa ...all foods which if taken consistently can hantar your umi ke liang lahad ten times faster than masa yang telah ditetaqpkan...only i do not know when and where the time and place is..thats the problem..
   The buah kana are as fat as hayyi's ibu jari fat and sooooooo manisssssssss..hahaha is it me who is sending myself faster to grave than the time intented is...and the buah mempelam are as manis as the buah kana only the mempelam are ugly  and quite hitam ..the lempuk and dodols are in my room too you know..on the bed to be exact/tepat..dont worry laaa children...i only eat a little bit only at a time not sekali das as usual.
Ok children of heaven..perform your solat on time , watch your aurat, and read your quran every day..See you around...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Salam alaykum,
lol,today I think I feel like I should feel some sedih bcoz Dr.Magdal/(Majidah in Malay) wont be able in my class anymore.She has finished her lecture in Nervous System.Somehow,it's great to finish her book.But I think she's not bad at all.Instead Physiology becomes easier because of her.

It was a relief to know that she will always welcome us to her room.Wooooo,u best la dukturah.I memang pernah mengantuk dalam kelas u,tapi ur class not so boring macam kelas Nerve and Muscle.Dr.Sihem also has dissappeared for couple weeks.

Tomorrow I will skip my class to go to the Embassy to settle down my bussiness there.Hopefully everything will flow smoothly.I hope it's berbaloi to skip class tomorrow.If this does not work too,siap la korang Zamri ngan Jamil.Taula camane aku nak balas.Hehehehe.

Today is my turn to prepare dinner.I am thinking of sambal telur is already enough.I don't want to spend my time on potong ayam.I dont think it's interesting.The dapur sink is bad.I hate it.And tonight I will have a tuition on Lower Limb.

I hope everything berbaloi.That's all.Verily,kalo buat sesuatu ikhlas dan ikut syariat,ada pahala yang Allah saja tau betapa besarnya ia.Ila' liqa'

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lamanya nak tunggu pesta buku-Februari 2011

I regret that I dont bring much books to this place.I forgot since when I've finish my last novel or book before.Everything's in Arabic.Tak best pun.

Boring-boring boleh baca buku.But thanks God,I brought 3 books here.If not,memang boleh meroyan kot.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hidup adalah anugerah.

Salam alaykum,look like these last few days didnt flow smoothly.I started to think many things then I realized it were really annoying.But,never mind.I do face many bright things.

Starting with my registration here.There are many unsolved things and I don't want to skip my classes for it.Siapa yang sanggup ajar serupa macam lecturer.Kerat kuku pun tadek siapa berani...

Never mind,inshaAllah  everything will be settled.InshaAllah.Of course it's not a big matter but it just annoying when u know u got something to be done in the time u know it's NOT ur job.Hey you,I saman kan baru tau.Cewwahhhh..

The only thing now is to stay focus on my study.Sometimes it's a bit difficult.In daily life we deal with many people.And I think this is the toughest part.Umi once said that I am pathetic.Some said that I am kind of arrogant.Coolll,but listen here u stupido,that never mean u can shout on my face.Shame on yours.If it was me,I am very malu to act like that.You are sungguh kind of muka talam bertrilion.

Eman,my friend said."My senior once said,medic school is very tough.I cried.But if it is me,Eman said.I told myself I won't cry,but I will be more patient.Khair,everyday when you wake from ur sleep,say this five times.Egypt is cool,I am not a stranger.I am bla bla bla."

Sometimes,I love Cairo.Waakkakakaa

Hari menuai dah tiba...

   Tomorrow or the day after is payday..gaji..when the children were in primary class that day was the happiest day in my matter what month be it january ,february or oct. i alwys tunggu that day..only nov is a bit lega because no school fees to be paid..meaning...i can joli katak a few ringgit ..When they went to secondary school only my m a gave me a bit kelegaan because her fees was only rm50 plus her pocket money..the rest still the same fact i had to sediakan rm1000 over every month..
  But Dear Rabb.. the days of ikat mulut are gone now..all of them are gone from home ..and they come back only for a few days at a time..i do not wait for that day now..In fact i do not know what to do with my pitih children to spend my pitih laaa..when they were small i had to buy two or three loaves of bread everyday.. but now one loaf is more than enough..who is going to eat the bread..only the birds and the monkeys..
   For more than 13 years i wanted more pitih to spend on the children..but now i want the children more than i want the pitih...hahahahaha.....u get what u wish for...but never mind..i can save the pitih and i can fly to nasr city with my m a..right man ?  There are times when i feel really children to spend my money on..meaning no barakah for my gaji that month..we get pahala atas kesusahan mencari rezeki untuk dibelanjakan atas ahli keluarga kita..
   But never mind i can always belanja my students instead..or my sons friends..on second thought i can simpan jee dalam tabung haji....hahahahaha..dasar kedekut tahi hidung masin ...haji bakhil...
Salam children of not forget to recite quran..perform your solat on time your aurat be a good child and until we meet again...jadilah hamba yang bersyukur...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Huseein and 'Atabah


Just dropping by to say that I've been to Hussein yesterday.It was a very hectic place and a plain journey too.In the bus I felt like dying.CO2 is everywhere,plus the habuk2 enough said I feel like malaikat maut is near  me.As I stepped down from the bus,feel like  termuntah but managed to control it.Wahhhh,bukan kat Hussein but I was at 'Atabah.Both places are awesome!

Maybe it's like some famous places in KL,like Chow Kit or Masjid India.Tapi,I kan never been to those places.Bad comparison maybe.I bought a jubah.Which is only L.E35 that equal to RM18.Hey you you you,nak kirim jubah tak?Heeeeeee.

Jubah,shawls,trousers,many more.Whoooooooo.Murah murah murah murahhhh.

I want to upload some pictures but nobody brought the camera-lah.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mesyuarat..oh lah mesyuarat...

  Yesterday i have a meeting ..PTA meeting ..mak datuk....membosankan..of course laaa sgt boring because most of the com.members are jkkk..nak buat aktiviti but pitih asyik minta yb jeee ..langsung takde inisiatif langsung nak cari duit sendiri..the meeting was conducted as if it was jkkk kg meeting between yb and his jkk staff.
   I reached home feeling like i want to die..i have to drag my feet .. i performed solat asr sambil duduk ..i was so tired and i cnt stand if my feel were a pair of usual he was not at home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And he is still not home when i go to school this morning.........sometimes i feel like giving up..i feel like packing my bags and send for the lorry to carry my belonging back to kampung..nobody is asking me to stay put..mind you... only my elder son is asking me to stay until he is strong enough to handle the situation...
   Until the time comes i will stay while killing myself to death..slowly   and slowly day by day..until until..i cannot stand anymore......hope the day will not come for me to leave everything behind...
Dear children of heaven, grow up quickly..i am tired physically and mentally..there are days that i can stand the pedih hati ,,but there are days when i want to throw everything away..
   Hahahahaha..............i do not know that i can write a story melancolic....
Salam smart so that one day i can call all of you  dukturah que,dukturah debe..dukturah maa , ustaz abdul gayyum al hafiz and ustz abdul hayyi gemuuuukk  al hafiz....
  Till we meet again in next episode of ceritera-ceritera pendek...
Jaga diri,,jangan lupa baca quran,solat awal waktu ..jaga aurat.
Menu time rajin

Coklat yang murah-murah

Arabiata.Macam KFC je la,tapi menu arab semua.

Family Abu Umar,penjaga bangunan kat sini.Baik~!

Salam and may we are blessed under His Rahmah.
Here are some pictures for halwa mata.
Write soon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Too many cooks spoil the soup

  Today im not going to cook dinner..yesterday he didnt come home and the day before that he didnt touch the food on the table..wasting my time and my money ..for dinner i intend to eat bread and this morning i bought sambal tempe topping..and planta margerin..dont feel sad or anything ,children...from today now onwards i only want to look after my purse..i must control my belanja as i intend to visit egypt , jordan , iran ,and of course  makkah madinah in the near future ......with my m a of course...hahaha..
  Why no news...send some berita from time to time as to let me know what you are doing now..salam..before i pen off ,,abang's penyus are bigger than fifty cent coin..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hujan.oh hujan..

   Rainy days have come to stay least in easy coast ..for the last few days we..east coast inhabitants..heard thunder , saw lightning and mandi i cant visit my sons in the evening anymore..why ... hujanlaaa..i get a bit scared driving in the thunder plus lighting..maybe old peaple like me have light blood..darah cair you..darah penakut. when i was young i still remember i and my siblings always take a deep in the remember or not the longkang in front opah's house ? hahaha..when i was in standard 3 the longkang's water was sangat jernih..we can see ikan belaga swimming in it..
  I hope this year banjir besar  ada least in where i live now..cold weather,rainy mornings,wind blowing from morning till i dont have to go to school..i can eat in my bedroom while reading story book or better still recite qauran..hahaha..angan-angan belaka..what did they say ? saudagar mimpi ?
  Today it rain from subuh untill now it hasnt stop..still breezing you know..this afternoon i have ameeting at ppd..i hate driving in the rain..first because my eyesight is poor and second  ,,i am a bit penakut of lightning..what if the lightning zapppppp my car ?
  Hopefully it will stop before i go to ppd..salamm children wherever you five people are..May Allah keep you in His Rahmat..see you around..

demo lohni tak supo mulo
dok berani kawe nok tegur

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lazyday is here to stay

   Salam children..looks like my lazydays have finally come and judging by the scenery they are permenently glued by my side.after subuh i continued my beauty sleep but oh dear sunyi made my eyes reluctant to close together..krekkkk...the grill was push was closed again ..i looked at the was only 6.15 am..where is he going at this time of subuh ????dunno laaa...i am not his keeper anymore..i also can anywhere i like without telling him ,like last time i went to marang...i bought a plactic bag of corn ,put them on the table..and...woshhh.. they were gone in a blink of eyelids..hahaha..just a matter of speech.
  At 7am i watched tanyalah favourite ustaz was on air..mostly people asked him about hajj..when he did the talbiah...sayunya rasa reminded me when i was performing my hajj with him. at jabal rahmah he said he doa let all his sisters get married ..but till this day no one is can a woman get married if that woman tolak pinangan from a islam a woman can marry only a man ..get me or cant marry another woman or yourself..hahaha..
   Weird world we live sweden a man can marry another man ..and a woman finds another woman as her teman hidup..just tunggu laknat from Allah..
Dear children,and all my nieces..jodoh maut rezeki semuanya pekerjaan Allah..what we can do is doa..come join me buat umrah  this coming school holidays as i dont have mahram..
   By the way maa you got a tawaran to study at international islamic college ..asrama and wang saku disediakan..fulllamakkkk..if both of you study in mesia ..i am a rich umi right now..!!!!!no need to keluarkan pocket money and in one year i think i can save up to thousands of genihhhhh...hahahahahaha....suratan takdir...dont worry..i think i am flying to cairo city next year....
Wait for me children.....salam.


Salam alaykum,
Today,right now my feeling is berbaur.Mix.I feel happy,angry,hatred and also...don't know else.First,everything I planned yesterday flow smoothly.I washed my clothes,do cleaning,and some revisions.That was a glad.Until,today's coming.

I finish my revision,which is 2 hours.I settle down Biochemistry and Physiology.As it was about Zuhr,I feel bored and you know,the rest is history.Then,I get up to prepare myself for Abu 'Ila trip.Here come the story.Before,on the day when we were announced a trip to this place,it was about two half papers list of name that wanted to go.So,I made my way to solat,gosok baju and bla3.Then,we went downstairs.It was 1.25pm.

And we waited there until 5pm.No signal that anybody will fetch us.I am okay.I don't feel so angry.I am capable for things like this.I faced this even before.And I can handle it.Hey you,if you read this (which is impossible),I just want to say this word.Don't apalogize,I will hate you more.Don't show your face.Not even once.I don't know you and please not to let me know you or I will kick you.With that,pen off.

p/s : I'm fine,this is just a writing.Not showing anything.I just love to tell this.Wkakakaka,one more time,don't show your body not even your shadow.
   Salam children of heaven,,nothing to write today..just to tell all of you i did some cleaning again...sangat sunyi kat kuarters sehari dua ni..syawal bakal terima adik baru in a few days..pokwei nak pindah akhir bulan ni.. i think so laa.
  Bye children..i pray to Allah all of you senang kat kist..nasr city..labuhan..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Salam from Eroo

Hype! Eroo again~!
Today,I feel a little bit excited in Anatomy class.It's session with Dr.Rim.I dunno how to describe her.But she's totally funny.Starting with problem with the projector then until the chapter we're going to study today.Roughly,today I learn 4 systems of our body.As it is Anatomy,so it's more to structure and relationship between parts in our body.

First chapter is respiratory system,then digestive system.Here,everything's just like what I got during school's year except that we go more deeper.Then come the female and genital systems. I asked Dr.Rim during the recess about man's urine and sperm.As man only has one tube,that is urethra so that urine and sperms flow in the same tube.I asked Dr.Rim wether this 2 things mix.And she answered me and said my question is very intelligent.

She then went to the front.My friend then came to her and asked another question.She then mentioned the whole class that we both asked intelligent question but mine is more intelligent.Whoa! Hillarious! HAHAHAHA! Absolutely,Im feeling high at the sky but at the same time I feel  a little ackward.You know,she hates stupid question.Good day,Eroo!

Then comes Biochem's test.Okay,it crashed! Laugh out loud~!

Tomorrow I'm going to Abu 'Ila.I am going to buy some things for winter preparation like sweater,gloves and bla3.So today looking forward to come early to lab today.We're going to dissect a frog.Yeah,tomorrow is holiday and a trip too!

*wishing that I have a camera now :p *

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

happiness comes in small doses

    Yesterday i had a meeting with ppd at ppd . .there is a malay proberb /pepatah melayu which said siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas/whoever eats the chilly esp the small ones will feel the hotness.. but i dont think he was referring to me ..maybe no no..jangan syak wasangka..its not permitted in islam..
  This morning i feel/had/rasa/nikmati the benefit of new technology have you heard this method of speaking with one another even though that someone is thousands of miles away...i can even see her face ..but alas..this morning or rather this afternoon..the sound system is not that good.
  I pray to Allah that all my children jadi anak yang soleh/solehah/anak yang memberi kebaikan dunia akhirat.

Eroo again and again

Nothing to say.Just dropping by before go to sleep.I was offered a television by baba,my tuan rumah.Hey,I nak washing machine-lah.TV? Tengok bola,OK!

Tomorrow is Biochem's test.I have finished revise most of the chapter.Tomorrow will be start it again.You know,today I've no lab.And I went shopping groceries with my house-mate.The bag is very berat like carrying a pyramid in it.We almost crying.Cehh,over ni.Our hands are full of sayur,barang dapur..but I know the result will be good.My teeth got ache,I think because of khasiat lacking in my has been 2 weeks I don't eat ikan.So,I bought banana!huheeee

Like I have to now. :p

The boss is not well

  Yesterday i saw the handkerchief..full of the weather is not that hot..if so i can understand why the handkerchief is dirty with blood stain..maybe his nose is bleeding .Last night i heard his coughing when i was all ready to end my day.Its very sad you know,not knowing what to do ..can i bring him a glass of warm water, or a glass of his favourite tea, or just standing by..just to let him know that i care.
  I inform my eldest about this ..but what can she do as she does not posess the magic carpet like alladin nor does she posess the power to fly like near and yet so far apart .
What to do laaa..we're some funny couple ..weird things have creep into our live..can you believe a husband trusts his brother's and sister's words more than his wife ...or where a grandmother and a grandfather trying to break up their cucu's marriageeeee......what a funny world we live must be a mad mad mad world these people live in.
  Today the teachers at my school did some spot checking on the students..the whole school was at dataran usual the bounty was meriah..compact powders ..handsets of various shapes and sizes and harga.. lingerie/underwares/clothes..perfume.and macam macam adaaa....
  Must pen off now.I must start my engine to arrive on time for my taklimat at ppd this evening .
Bye children . study smart ..see you when i feel like it ..hahaha ..dont be naughty

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eroo sekali lagi

Salam,today is a very miserable day.God,how can I finish this week.Suddenly I love Friday very much.You know what can make me very hillarious.Be in the class and sit in front of good lecturers and ask many questions,learn many things in enjoyful seconds until I suddenly realize that 2 hours with lecturers has finished.That's awesome.And I love lab too.There are many lectures I will meet.And they eager to answer any questions!

I love my MP3 very much now.I hate to talk to you.Get off from my face!

umi,heee heee heee

Tip-tip raih kebahagiaan/ You are special to me

 1.Bangun menjelang fajar untuk beristighfar
 2.Menyendiri untuk bertafakur
 3.Menjalin hubungan dengan orang soleh
 5.Solat dua rakaat dengan khusyuk
 6.Membaca al-Quran dengan penuh penghayatan
 7.Berpuasa pada hari yang sangat panas
 8.Bersedekah secara sembunyi
 9.Meringankan beban seorang Islam
10.Berlaku zuhud terhadap sesuatu yang sifatnya fana

So children,remember, you are special to me..never do anything that might make you regret oneday.

Mengapa hatiku ingin berlagu rindu
kerana sentiasa terkenang padamu
hanya kenangan yang hampa
malam tiada berbintang
namun malam ini di malam yang sunyi
menimbulkan kenangan

Saturday, October 9, 2010

life is definitely not easy but Allah is always there

Yesterday i decided to do some cleaning was more like throwing away than cleaning out..i have thrown out some plastic containers, a stack of dinner plates ( jenama romantic..arcopal) t-shirts of assorted sizes and some telekung..the telekung i burned together with old newspapers..well you know..its better to be well prepared than tak bersedia kannn..who knows..the time might come sooner than expected
  I do not want to get kickout from my heaven unexpected and unprepared.So the best thing to do while waiting for the day to come is to do some cleaning..clothes throwing..books burning.. you name it i will do it..
  By the way,do you know the first bacth of malaysian hajj have landed safely in madinah international airport yesterday morning? What a bless to be in madinah in this time of year..the weather is cold now..i wish i was there too right now..after all these years...dear many years gone by and yet nothing to sweet memories to remember  no tender moments to cherish ..all are gone..just like smoke blown away by the wind..

Eroo again

look like i can't stop blogging for this time.I feel like I have many things to tell you,guys.Today,I call Dr.Omaima,the coordinator for Malaysian student.I tell her that me and my friends will skip classes for tomorrow as we plan to go to Malaysian Embassy at Hayyu 'Asyir.I want to get the certificate that clarify that I am Al-Azhar University's student.She permit us to do that.

The problem comes when boys just want to go the next Sunday.Sud off.

I will always try to write more and more.Guys,I think I am in the mood of  hating someone .Hell,yeah.Less cursing,that is better.Pray hard that I'll be alright.

I'm fine,my lamp/bulb is getting better.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Eroo di sini.

Salam to all,sila jawab ye...huhehehe

First of all,I want to mention that I am no longer can update this blog after today.I can only go online every Friday.I promise to myself that I will never go online to log into my facebook or skype.I want to focus on my study.I know it's a very hard decision but this is the only way to stop me from spend my time,focus and energy not on my study.Hey you,miss me la.Halia is not available here.Waaaaaaaaaa.

Guys,just now my feallas asked me to get a life.Spend your weekend on outing.Check Egypt out.Do window shopping.Bla3.I don't blame them on what happened.Just regret on their words.You know,I studied a chapter from a subject called Physiology.I feel like very stupid.I went to classes for the whole week.Spent hours on lectures and when I am at home,I just realized that I know nothing.

It's not a case of weird accent of the lecturers.Indeed,Prof.Magdal's English is one of the best here.I take a deep breathe and check in myself.What's wrong with you,babe.You don't have the book?You don't pay attention?You sit at the back?You fight with your friend?The answer is no no no and no.It is a very simple answer.I don't make a perfect or rather said almost perfect earlier preparation for this subject.This is it.Get a life?LOL.You're funny.Stop pointing on me.You first get into your life first.

As I heard before,many people said that for first year student.Physiology is one of the toughest.It is a branch of what I've learnt during SPM,but we go more deep and deeper.So,I must expect the worse and always give my very best.

Lately,I realized that many things that will interrupt barakah in my studies.First,food.Second,songs.Third,ntah.Fourth,solah.Fifth,relationship between humankind.Foods arent labelled as halal or not.But I always try not to consume on something that is syubhah.May Allah protect me and my friends.I listen to songs.I just want to avoid from feeling bored during reading but sometimes I feel like I always skipping my Koran section.Theee theee theee.I will delete them.If not all,maybe some.Solah,pray hard that I will always perform my solah,I mean the sunat one.Thee thee thee.And fifth,please la.I am not your sister,don't act like a bossy mum la.Umi aku tak over macam kau.Wakakkakakaa.

Perjalanan pergi lawat Piramid kat Giza ngan kubu Salahuddin Al-Ayubi,if not mistaken.Tapi tak turun pun.Penat sangat..

Jus buah mangga dia best.Segar sangat.Harga dalam RM2-3

Lab Histologi.Best kot.Lecturers sangatlah baik.

Depan Fakulti Perubatan.

Tangga yang sedap dituruni dan malas didaki.Yang amat banyak di universti ni.

Majulah kami demi semua.
Last but not least,I always want to chat with all of you.Thanks Allah.I skype with umi,abi and akak today,and chatting with my sepupu today.You,tart nenas dah habis.Huhahahaha,sedihnyaaa.Relax....I understand Nervous System today.I bought lemons.I eat delicious dinner.I still alive.This is already a gift from Allah.Thanks for your du'a,you and you and you.May Allah bless us now and always.

O Allah,guide my heart bless my soul.Hey new week,I am coming!


"I've Got You"

The world would be a lonely place
Without the one that puts a smile on your face
So hold me 'til the sun burns out
I won't be lonely when I'm down

'Cause I've got you to make me feel stronger
When the days are rough and an hour feels much longer

I never doubted you at all
The stars collide, will you stand by and watch them fall? (by and watch them fall)
So hold me 'til the sky is clear
And whisper words of love right into my ear

'Cause I've got you to make me feel stronger
When the days are rough and an hour feels much longer
Yeah when I got you
Oh to make me feel better
When the nights are long they'll be easier together

Looking in your eyes
Hoping they won't cry
And even if they do
I'll be close to you
Hold you through the night
And you'll be unaware
But if you need me I'll be there

Yeah I got you
Oh to make me feel stronger
When the days are rough and an hour feels much longer
Yeah when I got you to make me feel better
When the nights are long they'll be easier together

Thursday, October 7, 2010

seaching the true bearing...

   I feel a bit lazy.. a bit exhausted..a bit nak demam these few days..thts why dh lama tak tulis. This morning umi went to abang's tahfiz..we went to pasar tani kerteh jee..the boys pun bukan beli apa sgt..just a glass of coconut shake ,maybe some kuih and keropok lekor..actualy the boys,esp muhammad abdul hayyi,feels ssumbatt..u know ,,just do not know what to do..
   The weather in terengganu now dah tak menentu..sometime sgt panas in the morning but near garik hujan sangat lebat..Allah's will you know..PMR is still in the motion lagi..but the candidates at umi's school ..we teachers feel sad,nak marah ,just dont know how to describe our feeling..
   Maybe in ten years' time they will understand why we teachers keep berletering everyday asking them to study hard..and you daughters, you better study ten times harder than your friends if you want to keep ahead of them.
Learning is a must for every muslim..we learn from the cradle to the graveyard..and for me the graveyard is just around the corner...hahaha..maybe at the junction near the taman permainan know..
   These few days i dont feel well..both physically and emotionally..orang tua laa katakan..


Umi,akak....keep writing la.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tenet tenet

Salam loviess,

dear umi,i got net connection now!It was a blast! Pray hard that I will stay focus on my study.
dear umi,i got some problem in my studies.The Biochem seems to be sombong with me,but I got a new book just now and it helps me a lot!
dear umi,I dont think I am boros,don't worry.hehehehe.Here is my monthly expenses.I try my best not to over budget.I don't go to class by taxi and I cook for dinner.

1.LE 50=RM 40 : Groceries
2.LE 15=RM 7   : Internet
3.LE 30=RM 18 : Breakfast