Saturday, April 1, 2017

Now what

Salaam, hi guys

So akak and umi already left for Malaysia 3 days ago. Here me and Ma floating wondering on what next. As we already planned months ago, this time marking the 1st April is the day we sumbitting ourself as an intern in our previous teaching hospital. But I am very confirmed that the office is not opened today so I rather be a sloth today.

I tried to read some few things about HOship but I couldnt even finished 2 pages.

Oh btw, Qayah is staying with us now. She finished ALS today and passed! Omg that small girl is really a wonder woman. She deserved it! Got to pack her things in 2 days and attended full day course for 3 days straight is too much for me. She didnt sleep and still manage to read this morning preparing for the exam. Huhu. She will go far, isa

Hopefully I will go hit the road early. And get some stuff done. Come on, girl. Time is priceless. Time is life!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The waiting game

Hi, assalamualaikum!

     So, hamdulillah today we received the result. We both passed, me got JJ and Ma got J. I think it is still a good result. Despite that we want more, we know this works the best for us. After all, this only symbolizes what you did in the last 4 years. What is more significant is what you prepare now for the next crucuial 4 years. I believe we all know what is trending now in Malaysia. The overnumbered of medical grads and of course the latest, the highest civil servants who leave the job belong to house officer.

     I am always at nervous state as I am really aware that in fact me and Ma is the first kid who went to medical school. We have nobody to ask about medical school life, whats to do during school break and what profession we are going to take. Basically it all comes from the books, internet, friends and of course figures that pay a visit to Cairo. We managed to get first with Dr Har when we was in 3rd yr. So thats the first time I mingled with person, which is not my professors in college. Someone who comes from my homeland, speaks my language and soon to be my collegue. But I came to recall that Dr Har and her friend spoke something about our attitude and things to do to polish us during school days. Of course it helps.

    And one more thing that really gives a good glimpse about my future is internet. I just have to type things I want to know and tadaa there you go. I got to know that if I'm interested to further in Surgery, I can take MRCS that held by Royal College in UK. I followed Muharikah, etc.

    So today, after few months of searching, analyzing, discussing and etc, I handed my imtyaz application letter to Syaimaa, the assistant in Malaysian Student Affairs. I made a different letter for me and Ma. Lets see how it is going to be. As for MRCS, I can see that I will not take them in Cairo. I really dont know what to do now. You know the waiting game. Wait for everything. I need my coordinator to first check the letter and send me the approval. Then I can work on my working visa in Cairo. Hopefully, I will get the 1 yr period. It is a real pain to have a few months visa when you are dealing with unique creatures on the Earth. I dont want to talk about this. But shit just got real. HAHA. What do you think I'm thinking right now? Due to some new recent regulations made for the visa application, I couldnt get my 2016's. I worked on them since September. But when the letter of approval came, showing me that I am a student the wakil visa couldnt work on that. Why? Because the date of application is already expired. Okay, fine. My bad I always too kind to leave the class to make my tasdiq. Why? Because every Tuesday there is Anatomy class. And Ammu Alaq only come on Tuesday. So so messed up! I couldnt leave the class, sorry not sorry. The class is important. So that explains why I didnt have my 2016's and was fined a good LE100 , *thumbs down

     So another waiting game is can I go to Alex?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tomorrow with You

Salaam wbt,

    Hi all. How are you doing, guys? I hope you all are enjoying what you are doing. As for me and Ma, we are enjoying our long holiday to the fullest. It's been almost 3 weeks since we last sat for the final exam. We have a good news! We just got our visa to stay for another few months in Cairo. Oh God knows how hard is it to get one because this year they have changed the format and procedure. It was a real pain to go back and forth, met people to get the signatures. Why not when you are dealing with one of most difficult people on the earth!

    We started to work on the visa application since September@October because we wanted to free from headache during the study leave. But things didnt work accordingly. Few problems arised. The admin women both in Student's Affairs and Wakil Visa knew our faces already. Finally we both managed to bring the tasdiq, a conteng2 already hoping that our application will be approved. I prayed this going to pay off as we already plan to travel around as umi and akak are coming in few weeks. Hamdulillah. Now I am more at ease. Settle satu mende. Haha

    The problem now is that the same stupid problem comes to akak's visa. The pegawai was mistakenly wrote her name. It was clearly wrongly pronounced. Had the pain troubled abang yesterday, I bet umi found it will be hard to abang to teman akak again. I hope Allah will open the door and lead the way for akak and umi. It is never easy when it comes to Mesir. urghh

    I was informed that tomorrow or after tomorrow, our result will be announced. I have a good feeling that we all will pass this. I really want to get better result from 5th yr's. I knew I didnt do too well, but I'm hoping to get mumtaz. But I know it is hard. So, I think Jayyid Jiddan is still good. I just don't want to get Jayyid anymore. I enjoy Surgery and ObGyn very much and I hope to bring home good memories. Azhar University is not the same with other universities, I told you. They held a difficult exam every year. And difficult professors too. They are kind, of course. Lovely much. But when it comes to the exam, they somehow looks like stepmother who tortures us, the Cinderellas. Haha

     As for time being, I'm preparing for MRCS Part A. I plan to sit for this exam in this Sept, inshaaAllah. I hope to pass in one go. And then spend a good final weeks in Egypt with abi and umi and then head home to sit for my iv with SPA. Or maybe I will just go home to sit for iv, then come again to Cairo. If the iv takes place in Ocober (please, dear God) I will go home for a week then come again to Cairo with abi and umi and perhaps the other siblings. While I'm finishing my final internship, they can enjoy Egypt. And when the iv's result come out, I will head home. Got 1-2 weeks to prepare for work.

    Say hi to Cairo, here I come travelling!

Monday, December 5, 2016

our final study break


     Hi guys, hope you all doing great. Me and Ma just finished shopping our groceries. We bought a lot, so that explained the pile of shopping bags in the hall. I thought I should start my diet now. I mean maybe not really a regime of diet but rather to eat right and in moderate. Still I bought some snacks that I love most just to help me during craving time.

     We finished MCQ last Saturday. The questions surprisingly a bit hard, in a way that who didnt actually read good and understand the points might think the exam maker is just plain crazy surgeon who wanted to fail us. Im sorry but we both didnt make the full mark, guys. It was 20 questions exam in half an hour. I think I spoilt the half of them. Huhu

    I tried to study continously from yesterday and today. I did read some points and answered past year questions in order to polish my preparation for the exam next Monday. I hope we both can ace Surgery. It is our fav subject, and the teachers too are our fav prof of all times. I think thats all for now. Will write more later, iA. Meanwhile, whoever reads this post please make du'a for us both to stay calm, and rajin to revise. Aameen 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

2 weeks before the grand finale

Well, salaam all

2 bulan sudah tidak menulis. Juggling with school stuff and all. Esok umi akan berangkat ke Tanah Suci untuk menunaikan umrah. Semoga umi mendapat umrah yang mabrur, selamat pergi dan pulang. Eru dan Ma akan menduduki kertas pertama Surgery pada 12hb Dec. Sabtu depan bukan final lagi. Tu termasuk daripada penilaian tahunan 20%. Ada 40 soalan objektif, markahnya 40 dijawab dalam masa 90 minit. Semoga Ma dan Eru sukses sebelum, semasa dan selepas menjawab.

Eru dan Ma sudah survey2 tiket untuk korang sekalian datang. Tapi tak boleh cakap panjang sebab lambat lagi. Bulan 3 baru konvo. At least beli lepas habis exam. Mungkin bulan 2 dah boleh start beli dan decide perkara2 lain.

Tentang lepas exam.
Ada banyak benda dah dirancang. Ada yang mesti buat segera, sebab tak ada dah waktu lain seperti menghadiri pesta buku antarabangsa Kaherah seusuai habis exam. I will need around RM1k. Nak beli buku2 medic, dan tentunya buku2 lain. Mungkin akan beli yang betul2 berkenan saja. Sebab kalo buku yang tak best tak tahu nak jual kat siapa. Dan mungkin akan beli buku2 latest release je. Lepas tu nak lawat Abu Umar. Nak pergi Luxor Aswan. Nak lawat Prof Gad. Kemudian nak attend conferences sebanyak mungkin. Last sekali nak buat kat Mesir sebelum korang datang is to attend Dina's convo. Kat Zagzig for first and last time. Maybe akan turun Mansoura though I dont know apa yang menarik kat sana.

Ada banyak sangat topik belum baca. Dan yang habis 100% pun baru beberapa topik. ObGyne jangan cakap. Tak study lagsung lagi because Surgery is a lot. Dan ada yang dah baca belum hafal. Baru 1st reading. My style bila datang exam kena ada beberapa siri reading. 1st ni baru nak kenal hati budi. Yang kedua baca dan faham. Yang ketiga belek2 soalan. Yang keempat hafal. Yang kelima tulis. Yang keenam, ulang. Huhu..

Rasa nak pergi DMAK la malam ni. Nak makan mee kungfu sambil study kat sana. But my winter coat is still in the laundry. Sejuk ketow la aku nanti kat kafe. Hmm. Nak pergi ke tak ea?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Not all who wander are lost

Salaam, there =)

It is almost 8pm here now. I slept like a log in the evening. I had a long day today. First as there was no lecture (again?!) I went to outpatient clinic. It was hectic there. Too much Masriyyat students and Imtyaz doctors. I barely had a chance to observe and do examination. I think I only took blood pressure from 2 mothers, 1 abdominal examination, few ultrasounds and PV examination. Still it was better than sitting in the lecture hall with girls talking non-stop. I love OPC lots better than reading in the hall like that. 10 cases arent too bad, right? I will come again tomorrow, iA. But first I think I am lacking in theory so much. I didnt even know what is the difference between menorrhagia, metrorhagia and menometrorhagia. Then my time in OPC, 2-3hours could be meaningless! I don't know where things I observe in OPC are going to lead me. So first thing first, I need a base. A map which can direct me where to go. Let alone la bahasa dorang guna. I really wanna cry when they talked well, like I am masriyyat :D

At 11, I took the elevator to the New Building where I do my clinical round with the professor. Well actually, it is not as clinical as much you are thinking about. We did clerk her. But I think it is not sufficient enough. We discussed the history of the patient, her progress, her management plan and all. Sometimes we do ultrasound for her. But I think this is not enough. I hope to discuss patient in a way those student who is in turn must attend outpatient clinic. She must be present in outpatient clinic and will pick up mothers who are going to be admitted. Soon, she is the one who must follow up her investigations and the result. She must present that result in front of the class. And at last she will help in assisting the resident or medical officer in charge to discharge patient or to make referral. She will help in giving antenatal care from A to Z. I know this is hard. But the hard is always the right thing you have to do in the right way. I don't know if I can voice this out. People will always first check on my background before they want to analyse what I'm saying about. Either I am qualified or not, etc. And this is going to involve so much people and papers. I don;t think the administration wants to add more on their plate. The timetable for lecturers is already a pain. I must find my way out. I know this is sad. But I hope someone told me months ago. What to do, how and all. That way I think things are going to be more benefit, enlightening me the subjects and all. Both surgery and obgyne.

Okay, I need to submit my research by tonight. Dr Ghada gave me her FB (lol). She said she will check it first, then if I can come to ER after tomorrow she will do the correction with me, and then I can go straight away to Prof Asmaa'. I dont know. I think FB is very personal, except for those you intend to connect with la. I think she is the 1st female lecturer who gave me her FB. Because I remember texting something about MRCS from a surgery resident in which she ignored me twice! So what's the point to give me her phone number if she wasn't going to connect with me. She can just ignore me that day, I don't mind at all. Now I just have to do my best in final exam Surgery than I will ask Prof Badawy to guide me next year to prepare for MRCS. I don't want to depend on him. I just want a guide from him. That's all. All people I depend all these while one by one slip me off from their hands. Guess what? I have a revenge too.Mihahahaha

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Few pages to finish my research ;D

Salaam :)

Hi, how are you doing? For me, it's fine. Holiday finishes and yeah go back to school. Today is the first day. And we have not much days left for this year curriculum. Just few weeks to go, then we will start to have the study break, or study leave whatever you call it to prepare for the final professional exam.

Most of my friends took this opportunity to spend their time with loved ones. Ada yang balik kampung. Ada yang travel outside Egypt. Ada yang ambil bas dan travel beberapa jam ke luar Cairo. Manakala eru dan ma hanya berada di dalam bilik dan saling berziarah antara satu sama lain. Kah3. Selain daripada bajet yang terhad, kami juga tiada plan untuk travel ke mana-mana. Well, kami kan nak buat sanah imtyaz kat sini. InshaaAllah saya ada setahun lebih lagi kat sini. And when my financial is stable, with the right timing no assigment to worry at and all, masa tu la saya akan ke sana sini. Okay ini sedih. Kerana itulah kata-kata yang selalu saya katakan pada diri sendiri sejak tahun 1. Tak perlu balik kampung, nak travel sana sini tunggu la. Ada masa lagi. Sedar tak sedar saya dah habis 6 tahun kat sini dan hanya melawat beberapa tempat di Mesir. Lol. Sedih ke ya? Biasa je. I know my limit =)

InshaaAllah lusa saya akan serahkan mini research saya kepada Dr feveret saya iaitu Dr Ghadaa. Saya sukakan beliau. Well sebenarnya saya suka ramai dr. Tapi Dr Ghadaa amat istimewa kerana pertamanya beliau orang yang pertama membantu saya clerking pada hari pertama saya di wad O&G ni. Beliau sporting. Passionate about her career. Dan beliau masakkan lasagna bakar yang sedap sewaktu saya berbuka bersama-sama dr lain di wad. Ia kenangan yang indah. Tidak terbayar.

Tapi saya ada banyak nak tulis lagi. Tapi saya perlu pergi solat dan sambung penulisan saya. Sukar juga tajuk saya kerana ianya tajuk yang mencakupi beberapa tajuk lain. Jadi saya perlu study semua dan buat rumusan serta menulis satu kajian yang berkualiti. Saya berharap contentnya bagus, updated serta susunannya kemas dan diterima oleh semua supervisors saya. InshaaAllah Zida yang akan edit balik semua ni. Saya percaya kepada kekemasan kerja beliau. Doakan kami viva next month iA ;) till then, paipai