Saturday, January 29, 2011

nothing to tell

  Salaaam children of heaven ,
  Since morning the cuaca outside agak mendung..sekali sekala it rained...the wind was just like yesterday..kuat and once again i am all alone..pater went to labis with his friends...once again i don't have to cook...pater bought meehoon for my breakfast and lunch..for dinner i am thinking of taking some bread with milk only...our fridge is full with frozen foods but i don't feel like cooking..there are chicken,fish prawns, eggs...and karipap..and sweet corns and can't remember what else laaa...

 The rain is getting lebat and the wind too semakin kuat...hahahahaha...please jangan blackout...i hope the rain will continue until tomorrow...i want to sleep under the blancket sejuk and so nyaman...sometimes i feel like quitting my job you days i always feel tired whenever i do some matter what what it is...sometime it is only carrying the laundry bakul..or worst..sweeping the floor...maybe i am going to die laaa...I remember opah when she was my age..i don't remember seeing her lazying around the house like me,you know..if she was not doing the laundry she was sweeping the floor ...or cooking ..or washing the floor...mind you..not mopping but washing ...forever she was doing something...atuk used to say that opah's hobby was washing the floor...

  Aaaaahhhh...sometimes i reallly misss my mater you know..even at my age...sometimes i wish i was in my primary school and living at kampung not here ,you know...sometimes i hate living in this place ...but what to do laaa children.. i have to wait for all of you to come back first...only then can i decide where to kampung if i don't have anything to do i can still sit outside and watch the traffics ...hahahaha...just to buang masa or to wait for maghrib home i can either tidur or see the small screen of my is so boring with nothing to do...please pray to Allah to invite me to go to makkah this coming jun or better still this year's hajj season...

  Please take care of yourself..the situation there is not certain not venture outside your neighbourhood.. if you can stay inside your house , please do just that...ok ...have to go now...isya prayer ...
As usual read your quran ...solat as soon as the azan ends...dress as a good muslimah does...see you soon..adios...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally all will be left behind

  Salaaam children of heaven ,

I like this picture was taken from the bus on our way to makkah..the landscape is like you used to study in geography lesson...berbukit-bukau , kering and tandus..the mountain is made up of rocks and rocks and more rocks...the sky is so clouds ...just the blue sky..

But ..aaahhh...pokok kurma laaa..dates...hahahaha...finally we saw some trees in this arid land...Allah is Great
dates for them..coconuts for us..or if you like paddy or rice for us..

Can you see the blue sky at the back ,children .que is at Mount Rahmah..or Jabal was here that Prophet Adam berjumpa Siti Hawa after both of them dikeluarkan from syurga...some people go to jabal rahmah to doa agar cepat berjumpa jodoh...usually the ladies ask Allah to let their jodoh come quickly...married couple ? i don't quite know what they want from Allah..maybe to ask Allah kekalkan their jodoh..but you know children, once pater doa agar your aunt also cepat dapat jodoh..but till this day she is still not married..maybe you know her jodoh is no more on the ground , maybe under the ground..know what i mean , children...i don't know wether que was like other people too..
Ten years ago i can run up to the hill you know..but now, i don't think i can climb the hill with legs plus stamina and also my legs are not what they used to be..i can't even climb the few steps at my school ..but i hope before i die i have the chance to climb this hill once again...just to pray some special prayer...have to pen off now ..i am all alone at home right now..most of our neighbours have gone home their hometown...maybe they want to celebrate chinese new year with their chinese sunyi and i can hear the rain outside..the wind also is a bit burung tukang this time..maybe the woodpeckers have met their mates already...and they don't need the pecking sound to attract the female ones...

Adios usual please read your quran as you don't have lectures now...solat as soon as the azan ends..i am sure you can do it as you are at home..and if you go outside please dress as a good more cincai bocai in dressings...adios...see you soon....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

masak sambaal ikan tongkol

  Salaam children of heaven ,

As the days get warmer, the situation here at home also gets warmer... you know children, i don't have to cook everyday..i only cook when i feel like today ..i made sambal ikan tongkal..first i steamed the put some asam keping and salt together with the fish...after sometime when the water dah mendidih for ten minutes you switch off the api..stir two spoonful of onion plus lemon grass for five minutes...don't forget to blend onion and chilli api and of course the lemon you know what is lemon grass ,children...serai laaa..panaskan kuali and tuang cooking oil into the saucepan...when the oil dah panas you put the blended onion lemon grass and the chilli api...then masukkan some chilli boh / chilli paste ...bila dah gelegak put the steamed ikan tongkol /tuna into the can put a glass of water or maybe two depends on how big your fish is and how many people will makan the ikan...some people like sedikit kuah but i know all of you want banyak kuah... entry seems like cooking class or like chef wan punya dapur je...i feel so sleepy this afternoon..i did not sleep after fajr as i want to see the two hafizs...but first i have to take the pizza from my friend's house  near my school...pater has gone to pinang merah together with the hafizs..friday prayer of course...
  I purposely put these two pics here not because i like them but because these pics remind me that i am getting older, at least by four years...these pics were taken in 2007 at masjid terapung at jeddah..i did not know these people laaa but i felt adventurous at that time...well..anybody who knows these people ,please send our regards ...

  I feel a bit sleepy laa right now..must sleep now before pater gets usual read your quran ramai ramai with your friends from alex..solat jamaah with them and dress as a good muslimah..
Adios...see you all soon...


Salam alaykum

Yes,the day has finally come.It was so blast that I cant even decide what to do first.After finishing with Anatomy,I went to Crystal Cake House,the bekalan roti I used to get here.Then straight to Ma's old house.And I slept early last night.Around 9.

And today I woke up,watched Code Blue.And now waitig for my friends from Alexandria to arrive.Maybe around Maghrib.

Ahhh,so many things to do.Yet,nothing in progress.Sometimes I wonder if I can take a cab and go to nearest hospital,Az-Zahraa(I heard this Azhar 's Hospital University) and take the atmosphere there.If im lucky I can go watch operation.But this is almost impossible.This is Cairo and my Arabic is still so weak and you know nobodys going to spend their time there.And I am more interested in watching Code Blue(Japan doctors) with Google in front of my eyes.And you know,this is awesome.I learnt my lectures with movie,youtube and Google.Interesting,huh?

About the rusuhan,ummm sounds scary.I will as possible not to expose myself to anything outside there.Maybe I will go to Ma'rad with Hadiqoh Dauli when keadaan is tenang.

I will check my account later,online.And for time being I have about 8 ratus genih at home.And about 2oo msia in my account.As i told u before,okaasan my expenses will last about this March.If everythings flow smoothly i think i can make it until March or sooner.Maybe in early March.

Okay,write u later!

Wassalam alaykum
Salaaam children of heaven ,

                                                I found this skull in one of your folder...

you know,,i do not remember when this pic was taken

and you know, laut kat tepi power station tu is just like this..for the last few days the wind is so strong..the doors of umi's school were just like org berperang..degung...degang...degung...degang...just like your pater's brother when talking....hahahahaha

I will go to que's kolej this wednesday you know...she has cuti chinese new year laa...abang and hayyi will be going too...i like travelling during musim sejuk gelap...but i do not like the rain..i like the rain when i am under my blanket...there is one song but i cannot  remember the title laaa...some of the lyric are like this if i am not mistaken laaa..
listen to the falling rain
piti pater piti pater
please tell her that i love her so
can't remember anymore is and old song in english ..that is why i can't remember more...please check your bank balance and let me know how much left..i must make some calculation laaa..what with your air tickets ,your duit poket and that book fair you talk about...spend some pitih on books yg berguna for you..give some pitih to ma also to go ...i want to semai pokok roselle usual read your quran and i am sure now is the right time to khatam once...solat as soon as the azan ends and i am sure you will not miss fajr or dapat subuh gajah...and dress as a good muslimah ...
adios...bye children

Monday, January 24, 2011


Salam alaykum~!

Im trying to make this very fast.The net connection seems silly.Just now,I've been out of service temporarily.Now,it's 0012.I should've finished my lower limb by today but u know we plan Allah decide.Hehehe,you know whatever subject which is the last paper is always not interesting.

Anat is cool but when it comes to this time,I feel like I want to study certain points and neglect the others (of course based on the analysis).But I just scared if anything like stuck in unexpected questions are worse forever.I made some revisons and to maintain my mood I did watch television for hour or go online (which is like impossible with this bad service).

Like you know,Kak Qayah is now in Kemaman for her wedding kenduri.If u wanna send me anything,but I dont think it's a good idea since she lived in Mansoura and me in Cairo.I dont know if I can ever get a transport to Mansoura,with no friends would like to spend their weekend except stay at home.

And I just got my simcard Celcom just now.I thought it was somewhere else in Malaysia.Remember,the chaos I made at the airport.And I got new Maxis simcard.I like to try poke by Celcom but my simcard has expired and no wonder like my friend used to say before.You will always buy new simcard after this.One for each year.And yeah,in 2010,I owned about 5 simcards.No wonder I got less SMS than Ma.Nobody wants to text undetectable me.Laugh out loud.

Oh,I've been missing good sleep.For this few weeks,I've been always thinking about exam,exam and exam.It's pretty cool when I dont have to terkocoh-kocoh every morning to attend class as Subuh has become late.I have to make my breakfast ASAP.And bla3.Exam is good and a blast for sometime.Pretty cool!

I've to go back to my books.My head feels like so heavy but if I dont finish nerves and popliteal fossa tonite,I will be great ogre tomorrow.OH,I HATE EXAM.Laugh out loud!

wsalam alaykum.

p/s:ggood okassan u plant many things,im sure u will get reward on what u've done.hehehe.Allah bless be nineteen and in nasr city

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  Suddenly i want to be nineteen years old again..suddenly i feel so happy reading the children's comments to and fro each other in be nineteen years and living overseas...rasa nak pecah my heart just imaginning the suasana ...if only i am young again...suddenly i feel like saving my gaji every month so that i can fly  to egypt this coming school break...hahahahaha...just a passing thought to save every single rm if i do not have the rm in the first place ...hahahahaa...maybe you know..just maybe...the children can sponsor my ticket and lodging in seven years' time...hahahaha...once again...hahahaha...i do not own my nyawa laaa...

  I feel so happy knowing the children and their friends are having some discussions in whatever rumah they call it..i really hope the discussions are islamic ones..not some buang masa and buang karan ones..and dear children please do your revisions too...cover the lessons from kulit to every single words..hafal every single structure ..memorise every single other words read all your books ,all your notes..

  If you feel like going to that bookfair ,by all means , go.. enjoy whatever books you feel are good okasan is going to plant some banana trees..yesterday okasaan planted pokok kacang remember or not pokok durian belanda near the longkang..last year i planted pokok kacang botol near that pokok durian belanda and it grows quite merimbun...maybe two or three weeks' time okasaan can petik the buah kacang otosan can has his ulam fresh from pokok,you know...

  Pater is in you know where laa at this moment..pater's pater is not well..but pater is coming home tonight..that is what pater told okasaan this afternoon..just wait and see if that is so to go now..suddenly okasaan feels a bit hungry just thinking of flying to egypt....hahahaha..daydreaming with my eyes wide usual read your quran ..khatam once during this winter break...solat as soon as the azan ends..i am sure you will not miss your fajr now..and dress like a good muslimah especially if you go to that bookfair..
  Adios childrens..see you all this coming some not spend all that pitih..




Sunday, January 23, 2011


Salam alaykum,this is my second post on trial.Just now,I tried to make one but because of the bad net connection everything dissapeared in a second.Dem.


Now I think my post would be less than before.I hope I can make this very fast.Now,it's 0001.I've finished on 1/3 of Anat subject.Thanks Allah.After 2 bowls of instant mee,I am willling to stay up until I finished my general biology.

Thanks for the duas.I felt relief that I can answer my previous papers almost perfect.HAHAHA.How can I expect I can get almost mumtaz.There are many reasons that I can't acieve it like I miss some points.Well,u know.Something missing answering question just cant be avoided.Laugh out loud~!

For this upcoming winterbreak,I really want to spend the whole almost 3 weeks on calming myself like go picnic with my friends.I want to bake cakes.I want to go the bookfair.Hehehe,everythings now in my head.Whenever I got stuck in study,I will list down them on the paper.Just for spirit to continue on what Im doing so that I will enjoy my holiday diligently.

I've confirmed with several friends on what to do this holiday.I've borrowed an oven from a senior,there will be diskusi kitab sepanjang this holiday at rumah melaka.InsyaAllah we will make our way there.If im not mistaken it's very near to my house that I can walk there.Hummm,I think I always walk everyday.Not like when I was in Msia,there would be otosan or okasan that will drive and I just have to snap on beautiful views with songs and foods at my hands.HAHAHA!

The net connection is very bad.Suddenly I might be ou from Skype,and whatsoever.oHH,now im staying at ma's old house with ma.We got good days here.Of course,we brought our beras,eggs,sayur.We stayed here almost a week.Nothing happened at home,only u know.When it comes to exam fever,we want a fresh air.Thanks Allah,everythings flow smoothly.

About the result,I dont expect much.I hope I wouldnt care whether it will be high or low.I just did my best and I want to focus for this final exam.Less than 4 months to go.I dont want to regret any single marks.And about ma,I dont know why she missed the structure.For me okaasan,I made review from page to page and I made the structures many times including that night before the exam.Im sure this is rezeki.Dont worry,I will take more eyes on her from now on ;p (ma so ngade)

And I got to go now,hopefully I can manage to finish the whole bunch of Lower Limb.Pray us the best.Send my regards to everybody.Suruh ayi qayyum ngaji sungguh.Okasan dont forget to buy them good books and many books for them.Dont forget to marah them if they do anything not good.Or else,I will slaughter them in my dream.HAHAHA,joking part 1.


The old okasaan the new me

  Salaaam children of heaven ,

  Pelitawanis is having their annual dinner tonight , you know , but i am not going you know already i always go to my case ..go to tilam..not later than 10 oclock..i don't have big appetite nowdays..i seldom eat rice for dinner ..before going to sleep i always take a glass of anlene plus habbatus sauda...sometimes we have karipaps before maghrib..yes..we...pater and okasaan...when i was your age i can eat two plates of rice ...hahaha..those good old days with my mater's cookings are gone ...have i told you that makcik jamilah has a new member in her family...her daughter gave birth to a boy last december..and this coming march or april makcik jamilah and her family is going back to tanah merah..pakcik manaf will retire in three or four months time.

  For the past few months i always feel like dying you know..sometimes i feel so bored with nothing to do...but now i want to make what you call new life...hahahaha...yes new life..i want to plant banana trees as many as i can the back of our kitchen ...and i also want to tanam kacang botol and chillies...pots and pots of chilli trees..why waste my time waiting for something that we know is going to happen sooner or later..only Allah Knows when is the time..

  Have to go now..nothing to tell usual read your quran solat as soon as the azan ends and please dress as good muslimah..adios...see you this coming july..


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still thinking of her

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  When i was your age ,i used to describe life as a dream ...hidup bagaikan minute we are talking and laughing and playing around on the ground and the next minute  woooshh..we are six feet underground minute we are happy with our family around us but suddenly we find we are surrounded by sad faces of us   has menyahut panggilan of us has die/is dead is no longer a living human being/is being called by The Almighty to see Him/being called home to be with Him....we can call this thing by any name we like but the reality is we are no longer a human being...we are called corspe or mayat..nor longer a man a husband a son a grandfather ..but a corspe..the most stink the most busuk benda yang mati...

  Yesterday my school was having hari merentas desa ..actualy hari merentas jalanraya....hhahahaha..where can we find desa nowdays...quite meriah you know..but the principal came late as i was selected to lepaskan pelajar perempuan..the girls you know wore t-shirt and track usual...but this year the shirt is a bit labuh and a bit more hugging tight fitting t-shirts...i love to think it is because of me..hahaha...because i wear tudung labuh and jubah so the teachers feel segan a bit shy to let the students wear small tight fitting t-shirts..hahahahaha...perasan je....

  During isya' i still remember the small girl you know..i can see her small mouth chewing the porridge...she has cleft sayu just thinking of her  ..chewing the porridge with her cleft mouth...Allah the Almighty Knows Best...mata yang buta mulut yang remember the story of jangki dosh with the apple..his father in-law said his daughter ,jangki's wife was blind and deaf and mute ...but the truth was she was very beautiful and not deaf or blind or mute...i love to think that this small girl is also like that..Allah is preparing a place for her in jannah or ma'wa or firdaus...

  As for us this is the time for us to prepare a place in the hereafter..choose the in hereafter has no endings..make the most of our life here in this world so that we will not suffer in the next world..Allah Bless all of you and your friends there in nasr quran without rasa jemu solat as soon as the azan ends and lastly dress as good muslimah...adios..see you this july or sooner than that...

pray to Allah to invite okasaan and makandak to be here this coming hajj


Kasih ibu

  Salaaam children of heaven ,
  Do you remember the program bersamamu ...last night bersamamu was with a mother who has two children..a girl and a boy..the girl is eight years old but she is cacat ..her head is a bit besar ..she cannot walk , or talk or do what any eight years old can do..she depends totally on her mother as she is just like a sad to watch her plight ...aaahhh...i do not think i can be like her mother you know..Allah is Great..Ar Rahman Ar Rahim..she , the mother is without a husband ...i think the father left the family...Allah is Almighty...only those selected are bestowed dengan dugaan yang berat...only the person Allah loves yang diduga ,you know...

  Seeing that woman single-handedly jaga her daughter yang cacat brought some inner strengh to myself..i am ready for whatever comes my way now...i have good job good income good children...i am far far better than that mother..she has no job and she has to depends on other people ...i think i am bertuah dikurniakan children who are normal persons ..even bright childrens.....
Aaaahhh ..for the love of her daughter the mother sacrifices herself...she quited her job to take care of her daughter is very hard for the mother you husband no job .Ya Rabb ..syukur nikmat yang Kau beri....

  Dear children ,be like the mother...pergantungan hidup hanya pada Allah...anytime you have problems be it small or berat, turn to Allah...only Allah knows what is best for us...everytime we have problems, i think that is a signal from Allah letting us know that Allah Maha Penyayang Maha Mengasehani...when Allah loves us Allah gives us a little bit kesusahan  so that we can mohon rahmat from Him...

  Thank you Allah for the year i know why it happened...for one whole year it happened  miserable  year which should be one happy year with Him every whole year of pondering upon why it happened the way it happened....once again thank you for the year 2010..

  As usual children read your quran , solat on time and dress like a good muslimah does..
  Adios ...see you this coming july..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Live couldn't be better

  Salaaam children of heaven ,

  These last few days i feel a little bit jealous whenever i hear my friends talk about their children among themself...they talk about their small sons or daughters who get colds ..they talk about getting at four oclock in the morning because their childrens want some nasi goreng  or fried kuetiew...or more weird food cendawan goreng....sometime i longed to be like them...but on second thought...who wants to get up in the middle of the night just to make some kuih tart or to make fried mee....aaahhh..sleep is more important for me nowdays...

  I can still remember the night abang made his own milk...kting..kting..kting...he was only four years old you know...or it is five ...or is it three...couldnt remember how old but i can remember the incident you know...when we were in maran pater used to make six bottles of milk for the three of you..the bottles would be empty by five oclock in the morning..but...hahahaha...pater had to search the empty bottles all around our bedroom...i think after finishing the milk the three of you decided who could throw the bottle paling jauh...with mata tertutup and of course in the dark...

  Aaaaahhh...that is why i say nowdays live could not be any better....i can sleep anytime i want..and i can wake up late on weekends..from morning till afternoon i can baring-baring or better still i can take a nap...those sweet old nights of not getting enough sleeps are gone...i can act like a zombie walking around our house ..ironing my clothes...putting dirty clothes inside the washing machine..sweeping all the rooms...just doing all the tasks without talking to pater if he is home...and if he is not around can imagine what suasana /scene you want...but definitly live could not be better...

 Tomorrow the two of you are having your second paper, i do not remember what paper but during asr prayer with titik air hujan i prayed to Allah to lapangkan your dada,permudahkan menjawab all the questions..
May Allah Bless all of you , your friends usual read quran before you have your breakfast..meaning after fajr prayer..solat as soon as the azan ends..meaning solat awal waktu..and dress like a good muslimah does...adios...see you all this coming july...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

   Salaaam children of heaven ,

happy birthday twins dukturahs

the elder twin.
sometimes she wanted to be known as yashema

the younger twin.
also known as debe 

  Dear children ,i realised that i had given birth to these two giants only after they were put side by side by the mak bidan .....hahahahaha......when the mak bidan asked me to push for the second time i thought i was pushing the uri to come out...


Friday, January 14, 2011

Little bundles of joy

  Salaaam children of heaven ,

  Dear children ,i did not realise that  i was carrying two bundles of joy in the year 1991-1992...hahahaha...two years so two of you...when i was six or seven months pregnant the doctor at clinic kesihatan maran advised me to go for scanning because he was afraid something was wrong with my tummy was so huge...and when i went to the clinic the doctor said my pregnancy was oblique...meaning ...the head was somewhere between my breast and my waistline and the feet were somewhere near my pelvic....hahahahaha...the nurses at the goverment clinic also could not detected where was the head...she said sometimes at the bottom and sometimes near my breast...only The Al Mighty knows that there were two babies..what the nurse did not know is sometimes she detected debe's head and sometimes ma's head was up and one head down..

  Ma's head must be downstairs and debe's upstairs...i could not walked to school you i took one month leave...when i went to clinic geliga ,the doctor there advised to give birth at the hospital..he was afraid the water bag burst before time and the baby might get lemas..or worst..the cord might lilit the baby's head... know something if i followed the doctor's words the the future dukturahs lahir inside the clinic's the two of you chose the kitchen as your tanah tumpahnya darahku...

  Tomorrow the two dukturahs are going to be nineteen years seems like yesterday that i first saw you two..aaahh...what a joy to have you two...


Happy birthday my twins dukturahs

  Salaaam children of heaven ,

  If you two are wandering why , the answer is very simple...tomorrow pater is going to you know where and he has invited umi to go along with him...i still have not decided whether to go along or not...i still have until tomorrow afternoon to give my answer...if the answer is yes it means umi will not be home until sunday...

 Aaaahhh...the big day has finally comes to stay...your first examination in nasr city in cairo in the land of the anbia' and also land of the pharaoh....i pray to Allah that all of you can answer all the questions and you wish..may Allah Bless you and your friends ...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Praise be to Allah

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  How are you now ,hope everything is under control everything is fine , everything is to your liking..i was not well body ached all over , i caught flu from one of the teachers  and that was one reason the last entry was a bit merapu..actually i am ok over here in my workplace is interesting because the boss is retiring in two weeks time...the cross country which is held every year will be held on thurstday the sunday 16th we are having farewell lunch in the school canteen ...which is a sad thing to think because we do not have enough pitih to held it at residence could not be better ....hahahahahaha...

  Do you remember makcik rozi..the one who owns that petrol pump in sg besar...her of the twins ..same age as you...has a new member in the not ask me whether or when he got married...we do not know...we are all in the there such a thing...

  Got to go now..nowdays i have to rush to everythings you going to the canteen..going to class going back home...hahahahaha...everything has to be done in gerak kilat..just to keluarkan peluh laaa...i cannot walk like a tortoise anymore...i must act like i am a young woman...just to fool just makes me feel like an old lady...

  Good luck in your coming examination..jawab dengan cermat selawat before you answer any question...may Allah Bless all of you in nasr city...and as usual please read your quran before going to examination hall...solat as soon as the azan ends and please remember to always to cover your aurat lika a good muslimah ...
  Adios....see you all this coming july...

those good old days are gone now

sweet memory is hard to forget

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If only i am strong enough to do it

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  Dear children if only my mater is still alive...i dont think i want to stay here anymore...i know i am not young anymore but neither is you know who ...i feel so sedih so sad ...i dont know how to express myself...maybe the smoke gets into my eyes...aaaaaaahhhh...if only that is the cause....ya Rabb...why ..why..why..why do i feel so sad all of a sudden...ya Rabb ...if only i had listen to my pater's advice ...i would not be in this situation...but you know there is one one song by i do not remember who which says..ikut hati mati ikut rasa binasa...if you follow your heart you will die and if you follow your feeling you will perish...

  Ya Rabb ...please forgive me ..please do not let my heart feel this ugly feeling...i am an old woman and someday i will surely leave all that i love behind...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If only i knew

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  How is your preparation for this coming mid-year examinations...hahahahaha...i really hope you and your friends can sleep at night...most of you always terbabas is always that way...or kadang-kadang not make it a habit ...bad habits can easily melekat ...have you heard the malay pepatah which says muda hanya this is your chance to live happily ever after... what i mean is today you are young and have the time to that when you are old you have good job nice income... i want to live happily ever after ..eventhough i have to live alone...the older i get the more pitih i want...i want pots and pots and pots of pitih...i want to go to turkey , iran and of course i want to perform hajj and omra..not once but again and again and again...if i have the chance i want to go every children , this is your chance to make it happen ..

  Make sure you are always with wudhu...get or take your oblution even though the water is at freezing degrees...hahahahaha...this is your chance to drink iced water you home you have to make ice cubes first in order to drink iced tea or milo or whatever drink you prefer..over there in nasr city you just make tea or milo or whatever drink and let it get cold by itself...jimat masa jimat can save time and energy because you only make it once...

  Got to stop now..i want to meet my friend ...i ordered pizza from her this morning ...come home if you want to taste it...adios children..same as before please read your quran , solat as soon as the azan ends and cover your aurat like a good muslimah..bye bye...see you this coming july...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can you imagine

  Salaaam children of heaven ,

dear children , i really miss the two of you

and sometimes  the two of you too.

Yesterday que went back to her college by bus...once again our house is like a sunyi and so sunyi and so sunyi as my hati and perasaan..i could not discuss this matter concerning the two of you like before...with pater of course..i just do not know how to start a conversation with him akward you is as if we are two strangers ...sometimes i make a glass of habbatus saudak for him ..sometimes i bring fruits to him...we just do not know how to borak-borak again ..we cannot even maka small talks anymore...hahahahaha...what a laugh......we have been married for twentyone years and suddenly we are like funny...but at the sime time so is a sad ,sad ,sad situation.....dont you think so too children....
I really hope we can mend whatever is breaking our relationship...i hope before this coming eidulfitri...have to go now..i am going to ustazah 's usual read your quran solat on time and watch your aurat....adios..children of heaven...see you this coming july...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My luv affairs with books

  Salaaam children of heaven ,

  Atuk's mater must be one great a time when most children did not go to school atuk and his elder brother did..atuk can read jawi and rumi..his brother later became a teacher..we call him pakulong and he has passed away a few years back..i cannot remember before opah or after i told you all before umi is getting old...warga emas...but i think i am warga diamond...more valuable than gold...hahahaha...

  When i was four years old atuk bought a book for umi and was a book full of alphabets..and the alphabets were made up of animals , flowers and small girls..i was given an exercise book and a pencil..everyday i tried to copy some alphabets from the book into my book..but dear was a tough job when i did not know how to write an a or a b ...i have no basic in writing teacher to guide me how to write...but i think i must be the cleverest girl in class in standardone at polis depoh school....hahahaha...know why...everyday my english teacher asked umi to match the cards she already made with the animals she put at the back of the class..everyday was like going to the zooooo.....

  I was eight years old when i first read book meant for older person..what i mean are novels..thick books a few hundred pages... not ten or fifteen pages..have you come across books by the title 'di lembah penghidupan' or 'di bawah lindungan kaabah' or 'merantau ke deli' or 'tenggelamnya kapal van der wijk' ..i read the first book when i was in standard two and the rest before i went to secondary school...all by pak hamka..i really love his books you know...most of the stories have sad endings...

  In cbn i was introduced to books written in english....but mind you... my first book that i found in the school library was or were 'hikayat 1001 malam' whole rack was full of them...i read all of them from first night right up to 1001 night....i seldom went to the canteen or tuck shop during recess time...yes guessed it right ..i went to the read books and if could not finish reading it i would borrow it...thus continued my luv affairs with books..from four years old up till now..some fifty years old luv affairs...

  Enough of this children ..have to go now..i will continue tomorrow or the day usual please read your quran , exam is just around the corner ..make it a habit to listen to what Allah has to say to you..solat as soon as the azan ends so you can solat on time and dress as a good muslimah does...bye..bye..adios...see you next year...insyaAllah...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Opah is the best cook for me

  Salaam children ,

 Have i told you all before that opah was the best cook ..even though she has passed away for me she is still around is not her body ...mind you..but her spirit ,her determination...i will always miss her kuah tauchu even mak alang cannot challenge her cooking..when i was small kuah tauchu and kuah lemak chilli api were our favourites..these two kuah were always on the table..atuk always asked us what kuah we wanted on that usual the answer was kuah tauchu ,lemak chilli api...but sometimes opah cooked asam pedas ,pajri nenas or pajri terung ,kari ,sambal tumis petai , goreng berlada..all were and still are our favourites but opah is not going to cook for us anymore..

 We are not rich you know , but atuk always make sure there were at least two types of kuah on the table for us..i know..i will ask ....atuk masakkkkkkkk? ..the answer is no ,,,no,,,no..opah was the cook but atuk always asked opah what ikan she wanted that day..aaaaaaaahhhh...those beautiful and wonderful days with my mater and my pater are gone...gone also those lazat and delliciuos you know children for different kuah opah usually used different ikan..for example ikan gerut ,ikan chencaru and ikan mayong were for kuah tauchu..ikan kembong for kuah lemak chilli api..and ikan belanak was special because this kind of ikan/fish opah used for both kuahs....aahh ..i really miss opah and her cookings

  Ramadhan was and still is associated with mee goreng /fried mee..who else if not opah..we can buka puasa everyday with mee and yet not bored with this dish..atuk always asked...nak buka apa /you want to break your fast with what dish....meeeeeeeeeee.....we always answered in chorus no matter where we were at that time ..sometimes under our blanckest..sometimes under the mempelam tree playing marbles..

Enough of kuah tauchu and kuah lemak chilli api children..of course all of us can cook these two kuahs but not as perfect as opah my mater..maybe you can learn how to make kuah tauchu from mak lang when we meet her during this eidulfitri..hahahahaha...just wishing you i told you before this year pater is celebrating eidulfitri with his parents.........

I hope you have good news for me usual please read your quran everyday..never miss it ..solat as soon the azan ends..cover your aurat like a good muslimah...adios ..see you soon.....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My primary schooldays in the 1960s

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  I was in standard one when my mater's pater passed away..i can still remember the day when we were summoned to the office as my pater was waiting there..we were laughing along the five foot way to the office..i was told my pater was waiting to take us back to behrang station to meet our opah and atuk...but when we arrived home , my mater was crying as she packed our clothes..dear children,what i did not know was that day was my last day in that school...and so begins my day or rather year of travelling from one primary school to another primary school...

  I was at home for the whole of second term of my standard one year..why.. till this day i do not know have to ask atuk that question..hahahahahaha..he is not around anymore...when school opened for the third term atuk took the four of us to skbno..but opah atuk and the rest of the younger children were with them at kl depoh.
Atuk was transferred to sg.besar the following year and that was the end of my schoolday at skbno...when i was in standard five ,once again atuk was transferred to sg hj.dorani we followed atuk and once again i got new friends and new teachers...atuk was once again transferred when i was thirteen years old but this time i was given the opportunity to study in cbn in kl..i was there from remove class to upper six..

  That was why i chose usm because i got bored living in kl..i want something new in my life..and i chose pahang to begin my working days as a teacher..and the rest is history..right children..have i told you children that in standard three i was the class monitor because i was the tallest and one of the bersih pupils..what can the teachers expect from children living in the sawah padi/the paddy field..

the two dukturahs on their way to the terminal

on your way to where you are now

I am in my room looking at the sky..i wonder whether i will see all of you during eidulfitri this year..this year pater can solat raya ..know what i mean......meaning this year we might not be allowed to celebrate eidukfitri with my siblings....
As usual read your quran everyday ...solat on time and watch your aurat..adios children..see you ...    

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

you sow what you plant or it is tanam padi takkan tumbuh lalang

Salaam children of heaven ,

As a muslim i really believe the power of duat/doa ..that is if we want something from ALLAH we only have to raise our hand and ask Him to grant us want we want..sometimes our doa will be granted sooner sometimes later depends upon him..only Allah Knows what is best for us..and sometimes children our doa is not granted at all in the sense Allah does not give us what we ask ..but Allah Bestows  upon us His Rahmat..
And this is what happen to me..i was really emotionally disturbed last year because you all know what happened to our family..right children..but alhamdulillah ..thank you Allah..thank you seems things are back to normal again..and i hope it stays that way until i die...insyaAllah....

 Back to what happened last year to me at my know children..during the month of Ramadhan we were given a token from some vip..all of us..if i am not mistaken some 2000 over people was given this special token..the staff from my sekolah was given the task of tagging the guru-guru ,of numbering the guru-guru, the short we were given the task of handling the usual the day before the big day ,we were preparing the hall where the event was going to take make the long story short male guru telah menjatuhkan air muka /memalukan my maruah..just imagine my face at that time..his voice can be heard from this end of corner until that end of that corner..

Because of what happened in that hall ,i could not sleep for a few days..i remember asking Allah to tenteramkan my hati..i was crying in my heart without pater knowing it..just imagine children ..i could not luah what was in my heart to the person nearest to me..instead i turned to Allah..prying , and crying ,and asking Him..ya Rabb..ya Rabb..

During the school holidays i came to school because we were asked by our boss duty fell in the first week of holiday and his was on the fourth week..but you know children ..he only came for one day and it was not even in the fourth week...the reason given was his youngest was admitted  because his heart was abnormal..and yesterday he and his family went to kl because the child was admitted into ijn ..institut jantung negara..just imagine how shocked i am..

 I could not sleep maybe for a week and here it is..he could not sleep maybe for two or three monthssssss...
So dear children.please ..please not sakitkan hati other people especially people who are fasting on that day..or during Ramadhan..i am sure you know there are three types of people whose doa Allah Grants/Makbulkan..and one of them is people who fast..

sometimes i wonder how the two of you ending up like this..i mean the physical aspect you know..

hahahahaha...this is the reason why....hahahaha

  Dear children of heaven , beware the wrath of i spelling it correctly..take care of yourself and read your quran everyday , please solat on time that is as soon as the azan ends watch your aurat...see you ..adios..

Monday, January 3, 2011

First day first bell first lesson

  Salaam children of heaven,

  There are times when i really wish all of you are here at home with me..sometimes i feel i am going to die and that is really when i wish i was only 30 and not 51..sound funny is one of those moments when i feel like crying ...and you know why children..i got stomach ache...hahhahaha....mak andak sent sms last ..not last night but on new year eve..she said there are ten ways of telling or to show that we are getting old..and one of them is..when we were young we like to eat air..hahahaha..makan angin...sight seing..but as you get older or when you are old you always buang angin...kentut laaaa..hahahaha..i do not know the right word in english..

 Ever wonder why today i wanted all of you at home with is the first day of school ...usually i was like an army commander..shouting at the top of my voice asking all of you to take your bath as fast as you can...hahahaha..something like one minute per child...hurrying you to make your own toasted breads..filling the water bottle..etc..etc..but today no sound came from my mouth..not even one word..i was like a zombi walking around the house..luckily pater was at home reciting quran..if not..the house is exactly like a a tanah perkuburan you know..

  It is getting late now..i feel a bit sleepy..time to end the day ..adios children..
As usual  please read your quran solat on time and watch your aurat..may Allah Bless you all whenever you are..see you next year..insyaAllah..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sg. Lembing town

  Salaam children of heaven

this is the moon on the night we sent you to klia..we were on our way back when qayyum snap this beautiful moon.

and the same moon ..only a bit bigger at that time..

Have i told you all that sg.lembing is a beautiful place to visit..when i first came to this old town it was still a tin mine a real sense of a town that is ..that was way back in the 1980s..of course it was all the tin that first attract the mat salih to this old town is surrounded by hills and there is even a river flowing in the middle of the town or rather alongside the town ..the town people said once there was taxis from kuantan direct to this town but when i came only the bus can be seen..i do not have pictures of sg.lembing right now but i intend to selongkar my albums during my stay over there.

I left sg.lembing in1985 and i have never been there since..sometimes i thought of going back just to see how is that town now..but it seems i do not have the opportunity..not even once..maybe after bersara i can visit sg.lembing with all of you..

Ok children,time to say usual please read your quran everyday..solat on time and watch your is going to be opened tomorrow and i have to iron my bibik this time to do that job for me...

New year new azam but still the old me

Salaam children of heaven,
Here are some photos for you to see..see if you still remember them..the above one is the two hafizs and your cousin iin.

the three of you at opah's grave.

aaahh...eidulfitri night at opah's house

we stopped at ulu bendul to have our lunch..we were on our way to teluk kemang teluk kemang we stayed at tnb's kondo for two nights..or was it two days and one night or was it three days and two nights..cannot remember exactly how many shows umi is getting usang day by day..

can you imagine a rest room as cool as the ones at the back..

do you remember why we took some pics here..

the two of you with pater..still posing near the rest room..for those of you who have not been to ulu bendul i suggest you take a drive from bukit patah to any place to seri menanti..quite a lovely scenery..

the twins..or the two baduts..or the two dukturahs..or the two hafizahs..

one big happy family on the way to klia..we took some pics here so that in ten years time we can show them to our grandchildrens...hahaha..just a passing thought...

my hafiz and hafizahs...thank you Allah for the happiness they bring to my life..