Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Not all who wander are lost

Salaam, there =)

It is almost 8pm here now. I slept like a log in the evening. I had a long day today. First as there was no lecture (again?!) I went to outpatient clinic. It was hectic there. Too much Masriyyat students and Imtyaz doctors. I barely had a chance to observe and do examination. I think I only took blood pressure from 2 mothers, 1 abdominal examination, few ultrasounds and PV examination. Still it was better than sitting in the lecture hall with girls talking non-stop. I love OPC lots better than reading in the hall like that. 10 cases arent too bad, right? I will come again tomorrow, iA. But first I think I am lacking in theory so much. I didnt even know what is the difference between menorrhagia, metrorhagia and menometrorhagia. Then my time in OPC, 2-3hours could be meaningless! I don't know where things I observe in OPC are going to lead me. So first thing first, I need a base. A map which can direct me where to go. Let alone la bahasa dorang guna. I really wanna cry when they talked well, like I am masriyyat :D

At 11, I took the elevator to the New Building where I do my clinical round with the professor. Well actually, it is not as clinical as much you are thinking about. We did clerk her. But I think it is not sufficient enough. We discussed the history of the patient, her progress, her management plan and all. Sometimes we do ultrasound for her. But I think this is not enough. I hope to discuss patient in a way those student who is in turn must attend outpatient clinic. She must be present in outpatient clinic and will pick up mothers who are going to be admitted. Soon, she is the one who must follow up her investigations and the result. She must present that result in front of the class. And at last she will help in assisting the resident or medical officer in charge to discharge patient or to make referral. She will help in giving antenatal care from A to Z. I know this is hard. But the hard is always the right thing you have to do in the right way. I don't know if I can voice this out. People will always first check on my background before they want to analyse what I'm saying about. Either I am qualified or not, etc. And this is going to involve so much people and papers. I don;t think the administration wants to add more on their plate. The timetable for lecturers is already a pain. I must find my way out. I know this is sad. But I hope someone told me months ago. What to do, how and all. That way I think things are going to be more benefit, enlightening me the subjects and all. Both surgery and obgyne.

Okay, I need to submit my research by tonight. Dr Ghada gave me her FB (lol). She said she will check it first, then if I can come to ER after tomorrow she will do the correction with me, and then I can go straight away to Prof Asmaa'. I dont know. I think FB is very personal, except for those you intend to connect with la. I think she is the 1st female lecturer who gave me her FB. Because I remember texting something about MRCS from a surgery resident in which she ignored me twice! So what's the point to give me her phone number if she wasn't going to connect with me. She can just ignore me that day, I don't mind at all. Now I just have to do my best in final exam Surgery than I will ask Prof Badawy to guide me next year to prepare for MRCS. I don't want to depend on him. I just want a guide from him. That's all. All people I depend all these while one by one slip me off from their hands. Guess what? I have a revenge too.Mihahahaha

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Few pages to finish my research ;D

Salaam :)

Hi, how are you doing? For me, it's fine. Holiday finishes and yeah go back to school. Today is the first day. And we have not much days left for this year curriculum. Just few weeks to go, then we will start to have the study break, or study leave whatever you call it to prepare for the final professional exam.

Most of my friends took this opportunity to spend their time with loved ones. Ada yang balik kampung. Ada yang travel outside Egypt. Ada yang ambil bas dan travel beberapa jam ke luar Cairo. Manakala eru dan ma hanya berada di dalam bilik dan saling berziarah antara satu sama lain. Kah3. Selain daripada bajet yang terhad, kami juga tiada plan untuk travel ke mana-mana. Well, kami kan nak buat sanah imtyaz kat sini. InshaaAllah saya ada setahun lebih lagi kat sini. And when my financial is stable, with the right timing no assigment to worry at and all, masa tu la saya akan ke sana sini. Okay ini sedih. Kerana itulah kata-kata yang selalu saya katakan pada diri sendiri sejak tahun 1. Tak perlu balik kampung, nak travel sana sini tunggu la. Ada masa lagi. Sedar tak sedar saya dah habis 6 tahun kat sini dan hanya melawat beberapa tempat di Mesir. Lol. Sedih ke ya? Biasa je. I know my limit =)

InshaaAllah lusa saya akan serahkan mini research saya kepada Dr feveret saya iaitu Dr Ghadaa. Saya sukakan beliau. Well sebenarnya saya suka ramai dr. Tapi Dr Ghadaa amat istimewa kerana pertamanya beliau orang yang pertama membantu saya clerking pada hari pertama saya di wad O&G ni. Beliau sporting. Passionate about her career. Dan beliau masakkan lasagna bakar yang sedap sewaktu saya berbuka bersama-sama dr lain di wad. Ia kenangan yang indah. Tidak terbayar.

Tapi saya ada banyak nak tulis lagi. Tapi saya perlu pergi solat dan sambung penulisan saya. Sukar juga tajuk saya kerana ianya tajuk yang mencakupi beberapa tajuk lain. Jadi saya perlu study semua dan buat rumusan serta menulis satu kajian yang berkualiti. Saya berharap contentnya bagus, updated serta susunannya kemas dan diterima oleh semua supervisors saya. InshaaAllah Zida yang akan edit balik semua ni. Saya percaya kepada kekemasan kerja beliau. Doakan kami viva next month iA ;) till then, paipai

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Think this is not my last eid adha in Egypt

Salaam, Eid Mubarak guys !

     Well it's Eroo again here. How are you doing guys? Is it great to spend some time together in Segamat? I heard most of you are there now. Only Pak Ngah in Rawang and Pak Itam Pak Usu couldnt make it, right? I hope you guys enjoy each other company. I hope when I am in your age, 50-60 I am still be able to travel more than 4hrs journey just to spend the holiday with my loved ones.

     I woke up today a bit earlier than usual, got my breakfast and bath and we hit the road 15 min before 6. It's already takbir that time. I walked fast because I am afraid we will not have seat to perform solat sunat. Sampai2 depan gate kawasan musolla sayyidat dah berkunci pagarnya. Huaa. Imam pun ketuk2 mic, dah nak solat. I walked to a lorry parked in front of the gate and urged Ma to bentang her sejadah. We managed to get a seat and right on the imam started the prayer. I don't know about others' feeling. But the adrenaline rush when I walked fast together with the other Muslims I feel like performing Hajj. It was a good feeling. I felt like responding to Allah's calling. I saw beautiful big balloons were hanging in many corners, ready to be spreaded to children when solat is finished I think.

     After finished solat, me and Ma went inside when the gate is opened. I chose to sit on the grass with sejadah being hampar. But we were not long there because I smell something so smelly like kitty's poo. Ergghh. I went to another spot and tried to listen to the khutbah eid. They were in Arabic, I didnt understand all of them. Haha.

     Malas lak nak sambung coz takde mood. Long short story I walked home from the masjid. Stopped in front of Zahraa and bought some juices and biscuits and cakes for the any MO's. I didnt expect anything. There were Dr something I met her during my logbook days. And I met the beauty and messy dr Kareema. Haha. But dr 1 refused to take mine. She said something like bribe. Oh please! What should I bribe you and not the prof? And if I really want to bribe shouldnt I bring something more valuable and meet you alone not in front of other 2 medical personnel. Funny and irritating Egyptians! It was better if today Dr Zaynab is working. At least she knew I always bring foods to ward level 4. I was there always with patteseries, and not empty-handed. I even finished my logbook. And if I ever wanted to do any procedures I can ask from team Dr Ghadaa instead of you. They knew me well. Omg! What an irritating day for me. Luckily the other nurse took my buah tangan. The other house officer also refused to take it when Dr 1 spoke like that.

     I went home and here I am, finished the 3rd juices. And waiting to finish downloading my Running Man. I should start my assignment, right? I will start them today. InshaaAllah

Monday, September 5, 2016

I hope I know this soon

Salaam dear readers, whoever you are.

     I wish to set this blog private but I can't find the way. I remember invite umi and akak to write here few years ago. They did write. So siapa sebenarnya yang ada authority untuk blog ni? Umi? Eru rasa umi dah lupa password umi guna untuk blog ni. I don't think umi still have the minat to write things. Umi is near to 60 next year. It is different when she first wrote she was not even 55.

     So hari ni eru nak cerita apa yang berlaku. It is new things always when it comes to Zahraa. Sekarang dah bulan 9. Hanya sebulan saja lagi tinggal untuk sesi lecture. Kemudian on November we will start preparing for final professional exam which inshaaAllah will start at the end of Nov with MCQs. So hari ni takde lecture. Prof Mona dah 2 minggu on study leave. She went to Germany to finish her studies. I think on it, what a courage. Or she must be rich. Or she is funded. Sebab seminggu kemudian, Prof Abo Fotouh kata masa ganti lecture Prof Mona, beliau pergi Jerman sebab teman atau jumpa suami beliau kat sana. And she went there together with her daughter which accompanied her on her last lecture with her. I said beruntungnya parents from this kind of background. Muda2 dah ada pengalaman berjalan overseas. But then I think of myself. My parents still funding me though I know we are not that rich to spend money on 2 children. Thanks umi abi sebab beri peluang. I really love and enjoy my time being in Egypt. Macamana la eru nak balas jasa umi abi ea, huk huk

     Hari ni tak ada lecture. Eru bangun mandi brekpes baca Quran kemudian download Running Man. Kah3. Kemudian off ke hospital. Eru pergi klinik pesakit luar sebab rasa malas nak attend lecture sejam. Sebenarnya nak spend masa 2 jam lecture Prof Mona kat OPC (outpatient clinic) sebab lepas dah bersiap semua 6 something Ma kata tak ada lecturer akan ganti Prof Mona. So I decided before its getting more sunny I better hit the road. So I spend the time in OPC. Hari ni masuk2 je ada sorang doktor je. Klinik tak bukak lagi. Nurse baru sampai. Dr ni pun baru sampai. So I grabbed my cases book and read. It was about endometrial carcinoma. Patient was around 50, not married, obese and not controlled DM. Ada bleeding so buat U/S semua detect ada endometrial carcinoma. Dr masih berborak dengan nurse bahagian sakit perempuan. I looked at my watch. Dah 9 something. I start to think, cemana nak maju kalo camni. Patient dah berderet agaknya kat luar. Patut pukul 9 semua doktor dah ada dan patient dah boleh start masuk untuk dapatkan rawatan. Huhu

     Dr habis berborak I asked her permission if I can involve today in taking ptients blood pressure. She looked surprise. Mungkin sebab 1st time ada student nak involve ataupun dr rasa mende tu kacang sangat. Then came dr Asmaa. Both looked astonished as my request was so weird. She said, nak buat BP je ke? It is so simple. Of course you can. So gembira la. Sebab kebenaran dah dapat. It means she welcomes me and thats enough. Memang dapat banyak kali jugak assist ambil BP. Ada yang ch HTN, ada yang PET, ada yang BP rendah dan ada yang normal je. It was a good day of course and bad day for some doctors. Dorang ada bertelingkah, and you know la wanita mesir. pergh boleh tahan sorang2. Garang nak mampus. But I dont think they are angry until they calling names. Semoga Allah permudahkanlah urusan korang ye dr2 sekalian. I know it is a heavy task. Aku yang berdiri observe U/S, amik hx 2 student Malaysia from Islamic studies, ambil BP pt dalam sedozen, acah2 interpret CTG pun masuk round pukul 12 dah collapsed. Dengar tak dengar je small lecture dr  Haala tadi on PIH. walaupun hari ni sebenarnya turn aku untuk OT dan ada sorang pt untuk NVD tapi aku decided nak balik. Sampai rumah isi perut sikit, tengok RM dah habis download ke belum terus tidur selama 2 jam sebelum dikejutkan ngan suara Wani. Wani ngan Leha baru balik OT dan tak ada pun kes sama ada CS ataupun NVD ataupun DC. So terima kasih Allah bagi aku balik terus hari ni. Sangat penat, huhu

     Okay la. Nak makan nasi telur ngan kicap. Lepas tu ROS, dan beberapa benda nak tengok. Kemudian nak study. End round punya assignment dah dapat tajuk. I am in team of Prof Asmaa Mahmoud. Lecture dia best gila. Pumpang2 keluar isi daripada mulut dr ni. And her voice is clear and her lecture is very good la. I hope to have a fruitful discussion with here. Okay, pen off. Babai stalkers

Friday, September 2, 2016

Post whats in my mind

Salaam, umi and others.

I asked umi few days ago to write again in this blog. Because I think writing is a kind of evergreen stuff. When I re-read umi's post I feel like to live again in the past. Is it that I become so pessimist that I don't dare to plan more about my future. For your information, (FYI) I chose surgery due to many reasons.

First, this is my final year in college as undergraduate student. I feel so good when I can bring home some good news. Back in 2010, there were some unsettled things happened at home. I decided to get excellent result in my sophomore year. At least this can ease our financial burden on my tution fees. They told us if we get excellent result in final year examination I can apply for scholarship or any loan. For our family this was an urgent need as both abi and umi not only funded me and Ma studies overseas but also akak's college and both abang and ayi. Everybody needed to be funded. It must be so overwhelming for both abi and umi. But then after achieved such an excellent result, still I was denied from any scholarship and loan things. And alas when I finished 3rd year, JPA contacted me thru email that my application was accepted. I remember obtained JJ in my 2nd year when I was in Mecca doing omraa during my summer break. We called friends who stayed in Cairo and I was mistakenly notified that I achieved Mumtaz too while the real result was JJ. Umi still satisfied. And we prayed to get accepted by JPA. I suddenly realized that this world and its contents were never enough for man. And they can never fulfill man's need. So cut story short after JJ then J then JJ again then J in my 5th year I felt so bad because I couldnt bring home any Mumtaz anymore. I know the air in our home is still sore and sour until this time for almost 6 years, thus I want to finally bring Mumtaz again. To close my episode of trial with some smile just for both abi and umi. For them, for them...

And secondly I think all professors in Surgery are just awesome. Maybe it just because this is my 1st time being taught fully by male professors which makes the atmosphere a bit different. They tend to make short class. And yes, who didnt like this? > < 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

GO eat some times with you loved ones

Today me and other housemates will make a small party in Yaya's house. Yaya has 2 children. She married when we were in 2nd year. This raya haji she will send off her children to Malaysia. So to spend some good time and wave goodbye almost for years to Nanim and Tsaqif we agree to make this small party. Actually it is only a brunch. But it feels so good just to gather with your close friends.

Yaya is cousin to Aisyah Nordin. My classmate in MTS, she finished her dental degree since a year now. When I first met Yaya in my faculty, she dressed so raggedly. I remember she wore a leather jacket, and mini skirt and jeans. For a kampung girl like me that went to tahfiz school this kind of scenery was a tremendously new. I called Yaya back that time as Sue. Her nama was Suraya. But gradually she is called as Yaya so I changed it to sync with my collegues. I think only family members call her Sue.

InshaaAllah today we will be joined as well by kak dayah and jaafar sadik st clan, kak yani and his toddler, kak farah and her toddler and gummy and some friends live near to Mahkamah. There is a mahkamah in 7th district where most of the building belonged to the property of Kerajaan Malaysia. So you can always see many Malaysians walking around that mahkamah. The price of rent house there also spiking from year to year. Dulu boleh cari rumah sekitar LE1500 for 2 rooms, but now even if you pay for LE1800 you might end up with single bedroom apartment. But 7th district is developing now. They have more and more shop and all. Only those who are professional I heard live there. Doctors, engineers, bla3 are all around you.

It is so good to read umi's posts. I can now realize that how time flies so fast. Next year, inshaaAllah less than a year to go, in fact in 8 months to go I will return to Malaysia with my  medical degree. So funny to go through over pictures and stories I have been sharing with others that make me almost 7 years older when I first left Malaysia.

Studying in here since September 2010 and will return inshaaAllah on April or May 2017. I grow up and gain more maturity when I depart and leave my nest. I hope when I am among my family member later I will be someone who gives more benefit from what I was in 2010.

Okay got to pen off now. I need to put the noodles I boil into the tupperware. We will bring mee kari and sambal telur from Abbasia. Gummy said she is going to prepare nasi goreng cina with kak farah. As for kak dayah she has been busy cooking mee bandung muar. And there will be kek red velvet and all too. Kak yani said she will bring pulut. OMG I CANT WAIT!