Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lagi couple breakup sebab aku..(^_^)


long time no see. dah lama tak jenguk blog ni coz line macam sengal jer. hahaha how are you umi? hope you're doing good..(^_*) and you, my twin sponge? tengok kat fb cam best tak nak balik jer. i'd read those post (in fb n blog)..hahaha..akak kat asrama lar umi..suara akak memang camtu..masa tue akak tercakap gune suara 'istimewa'..baru2 ni one of my friend had fight with her bf bcoz he heard my voice..hahaha..almost breakup..don't worry..i'm doing all good have to trust me..even if i have someone i'll tell you immediately.i'm a little bit serabut lately. final exam are coming within a month from now.

opss, i got to go. i gonna write later.

Solat hajat

   Malam ni my school adakan majlis solat hajat for pmr n spm candidates..kita jemput parents n if possible seluruh isi rumah ! but who is coming to perform solat hajat if solat harian pun tak pernah buat !today i have no mood to write.. last night i could not sleep n i have to see the doctor to get some ubat sakit kepala.tonight i want to sleep as early as possible n if i can i want to getup in the middle of the night.. i am an old woman n i dont  need much sleep anymore..yang sebenarnya i cant sleep !hahaha...
   Salam children..see u soon..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once in a blue moon

  Last night i thought i could get some sleep..i was in my room before eleven..around 1.40am i found the light was still on..belum balik lagiii...why am i thinking about all this problems..if he thinks of sleeping on another bed that is his problem not mine..
  Why am i writing all this rubbish...
  Salam anak2 Mesir..umi is really anxious to know who is azhar and who is nada houri..are they the same person or one is a boy and the other is a girl..or both are boys..kawan from MTS ...or some egyptians in azhar university yang baru dikenali..
  Maa..u better sit beside your twin front of the class..not some kerusi belakang where u can sorok your face..
tada..i better get some sleep before it is too late...

She is a lady..oh.oh.oh she's a lady

    Talking about that little lady..and the lady is mineeeee...this evening i got 2 shocks in my life..the first one..when i heard a man's voice in my m a's hset ..and the second my debab's commentor is a boy / man with boy's i outdated person or the world is in mad motion ?All this while i keep reminding my children never have any relationship/friendship/any communication with lelaki bukan mahram except on kawan sekelasship..(is there such a word )..
    If i can have my kehendak i want all my daughters to be like me..never have boyfriends..rarely talk to boys and when in u..i befriended only the boys with same course..kemanusiaan with pendidikan ..even after jadi teacher pun i seldom talk to cikgu lelaki...i really kept my principal/islamic principal..
    Yaa Rabb..what is happening to my daughters..bestow them your hidayah..Ya Rabb...
To those of u who dont know my husband..he is lepasan pondok pasir tumbuh..                                                                                                                      Dear children of heaven........ right now i am really in the state of pasir sedut..can i get out save and sound or... will i stay in the sand forever ???? Only time will tell..
   Adios ...see u tomorrow..insyaAllah..

Hee hee hee

Salam u and u and u,
I have many things to tell you but I think I just can make it very short.I have started my classes.The class is good and the lecturers here are good too.I don't get my books yet.The first thing now is to attend early everyday.I always make my way as fast as possible because I love to sit in front of the lecturer.Alhamdulillah,this is something I never get in MTS.For 5 years.

Their accent are very weird.We took a longer time to each word.But,of course I still can follow up my lecturers.I wake up early (i think) and I do revisions at least twice dayly.The rest?Oh,I take a rest.Why?My university is not too far.I enjoy crossing the road every morning.It makes my adrenaline goes osh..osh..!

I eat simple dishes.One thing for sure,I hate Cairo.But dont worry,I will try to adapt with it. I hate UIA too before.. and then I have to quit there.And it makes me feel little little sad.So before I feel, sad sad,sad..situation. .better I cope with Egypt ASAP.Mwahahahaha.

I really want to write more,but I have to go now :P

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To be or not to be

    My twins and their friends are now in Egypt persuing their heart desired be a muslimah doctor or a doctor muslimah..and my eldest is now at KIST also doing what she wants to be..also a member of the medical sector..she is half way there now being in her second semester at kist..
    When i was their age i did not think of doing anything or becoming somebody..what i did was only studying so that i could enter university..any university will do..that was me way back in 1970s..i never thought of opening hospitals or voluntering in some parts of the world yang kena musibah..
   But my children and their friends are thinking of opening a hospital when they were in form 5..sitting for spm..budak-budak zaman mellineum..
   I hope Allah will grant their wishes to be doctors..i also hope my m a juga will become a doctor ..all these before i tutup my eyes..hahaha...angan-angan seorang warga emas..but you of the twins got upset a little bit when i mentioned this fact..she said...oloh jange kecek strong ! Now she is acting as if she is already a doctor !..
   Dear children...if you read this ..just remember i love all of you ..jadilah anak yang soleh..that is all i want from you..

Monday, September 27, 2010 hidung free pipi

Have u heard the pepatah melayu hidung tak mancung pipi means your hidung is not sharp enough but you give forward...(hahaha is there such a word.).your cheek to somebody..nowdays its not so hard to get hidung mancung u know..u can always potong your hidung and tepek some new one ..
  Why am i merepeking about hidung and cheek point crying over spilled milk ! There is always some fresh milk in the fridge..if not get some bottled or canned milk from pasarmini aduka...
   But ..Ya Rabb..its my hidung and my cheek ..i have given them away some twentyone years ago ...and i do not want either the hidung or the pipi back..let them stay on that face...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kak bayah Abe akasa

    Semalam kak bayah sama abe akasah mari skoloh kawe..stat hari kamis lagi rama guru2 cuti laa weh..seme nok lari takmboh buat krije..u know program pibg tapi yg susahnya guru2 gak..lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama punya program ..
    Dear children, do not behave like those pibg people..if you are given a task to be completed do not let other people suffer because you act like those like the lembus...
    Speaking of lembu ,is there lembus and sapis in Nasr City..on second thought not be like the lembus also..seperti lembu dicucuk hidung..i think i have been acting like those lembus all these while..never again..from now on i want to be like those sapis...let others suffer..have you heard mc lembu ,burger lembu ,..
    See what i mean ..
    Pictures..pictutes..bebey..they speak truely..clearly..tak tipu-tipu punya, than words..
Think you can deliver the job ?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One day in your life

    Today is the first day i start working after hari raya room is full of dust ..hahaha..just kidding..mana boleh bilik GPK Pentadbiran ada habuk !yesterday ustazah Bahyah and her husband came to my school..but i did not attend their teachers said the sambutan from village folks were good.
   Dear children, if you read this posting,i just want to let you know how happy i am now that both of you are in egypt. and you my m a in kist , and you my hafizs at labuhan . people like me are call warga emas ..very hard as if your life depends on it..whatever you get its all yours because like i said i am warga emas already..the day will come when i am not around anymore ..whether to lend you a helping hand , giving nasihat or just simply listening to your masalah..
  Last nite i thought i could sleep soundly..and peacefully...i woke up around 2am ..sunyinya ...

Do u think i can sleep tonite

     its only 9pm but only Allah knows how sunyi it is..u know as sunyi as my hati. Already i can hear the crikets outside singing some songs ..but people say they are zikiring ..last nite i did not perasan takde bunyi snoring or dengkuring from those 2 bibiks..but as i lay my head ,i hear nothing..not a sound.hahahaha...the dengkurings are now in nasr city..
     At last i can sleep peacefully ..hopefully so.
  Salam dear children of heaven ..where ever you all are.may Allah Bless all of u..

Do u think i can sleep tonite

     its only 9pm but only Allah knows how sunyi it is..u know as sunyi as my hati. Already i can hear the crikets outside singing some songs ..but people say they are zikiring ..last nite i did not perasan takde bunyi snoring or dengkuring from those 2 bibiks..but as i lay my head ,i hear nothing..not a sound.hahahaha...the dengkurings are now in nasr city..
     At last i can sleep peacefully ..hopefully so.
  Salam dear children of heaven ..where ever you all are.may Allah Bless all of u..

Knowing Egypt

Salam alaykum to dearest family members,hehe

First of all,I would like to thank everybody for their helping hands,lending ears and of course all those advices.Thanks very much.And for those who sent me away,waiting for hours and bear my foolness(hilang barang,etc),God bless you.

As I arrived at Cairo International Airport,I was amazed.Cairo is really something.We start hittIng the road about 9pm.First heading to Indonesian Hostel for Alex's students.We being served with super-delicious strawbeery juice,but they call it air bandung.No idea -.-

Then we went to a restaurant-if I can call it restaurant,and having our dinner.The menu was awesome.But I have no appetite to eat.I am dying,my feet iskilling me to death.All the things I wanted the most was to sleep! And after 24 hours,I finally got mybath and a really awesome room.The decorations just splendid! Thanks Allah..

Nasr City is where I stay now.And maybe for the next 6yrs of my life in Cairo..Yesterday,the KMS's advisor told me and Ma that we would enjoy our days here.. shopping clothes is no problem.HAHA! It's funny,sir.But of course,I don't take it to my heart.This part,it should be me who laugh at you.Malaysians have no place in the clothes department except me and Ma,so sorry to say this,sir :P

I do really want to upload some pictures but you know I have no camera and my mobile phone has no this application.So the rest is history.But I really don't mind.I come to this place to learn something and go back to my country to serve people.

And to let u know,messages and phone call is freaky expensive.So,don't try one if u love to spend it on me.HAHAHAHA! I am looking forward to have internet connection to my house later.InsyaALLAH.

Until we meet again.I need ur du'a as this is indeed a tough path I have taken.May Allah ease my way in this long journey.Write you soon.
Salam alykum.

It is really the vase or my neck

I received a vase during teacher's day..but i do not remember the year , was it 07 or 08.What i remember was,it was given to me by cikgu Fauziah our Guru Kanan Votek.But alas..this evening i found it was broken and the gel.the gel.. tumpah merata-rata..under the table ,under the chair and some were even under the carpet ! Did the culprit wanted to hide his kerja jahat ?
     Cari bintang kejora berseri dan bercahaya
     Jikalau mencari kawan jangan cari orang u know where...
I am listening to radio klasik nasional carried away a bit..

Friday, September 24, 2010

my m a

salam dear child,
u think i forget about u ? no,no,no , never..u are my first child laa.. how can i forget the pain ,the picture of your abi sleeping near the hosp.longkang waiting for u to take your place in this world..

the day my bibiks went to egypt

salam children,today i am really alone at home in my room.Finally the day has came and u know as i write this posting my tears menitik satu demi satu. I am not sad u know but the tears are tears of happiness. My bibiks are in azhar university to get what they have been dreaming all this while. If i am not mistaken ,it is 8 or 9 yrs ago when they first told me that they wanted to be doctors and u know ,dear children, that i still keep the letters u wrote to me at balai islam. U remember tak ?It was only yesterday that they fly to egypt but ,Dear Allah, i miss them already.Dont get me wrong tau, every morning it was Ma and Debe who make my drink,ironing my baju sekolah sediakan my stokin and my air botol. Wawawa night u know they become my tukang urut.
 I think i pun nak pergi mesir esok lusa...anybody wants to derma duit tambang ? Its not much laa...only rm4000 only...

Monday, September 20, 2010

I am lazy

Today I am totally exhausted.Yesterday was the exactly day,me and Ma packed and loaded our stuffs into the luggages.It was really annoying as the limit was only 30kg and below.So,I keep rearranging it and today I still do the same thing.

Today is a hectic day.Abi makes a 'doa selamat' for us at Abang and Ayie's school.As Ma and Abi go to Kuantan for a treatment in hospital,I accompany Umi to Paka to shopping some groceries.Then we go to Pak Mat KT's restaurant to get some cakes.And the most enjoy part is when I get into DBP.DBP is a short name we give to Kedai Buku Arifin as this is the only bookstore in Dungun or Terengganu that sell DBP's books.So,I get 2 books!

Then,finally we go to house of Uncle S.Abi asked him days ago to prepare the dishes for the kenduri.And we arrive home and totally exhausted.It is about walking all the day and you can say it as mentally and physically tired.

The majlis start about after Isya' prayer around 9pm.Me,Ma and Umi are invited into Ust.Din'house.We get into a long and funnnyy story.And I think she's real funny.She knows every single student there.And I believe she knows Abang and Ayie very well.Thank God,we arrived home around 10pm.

I am very lazy now,please wahai pendrive.Please not to play hide and seek with me  or I will curse you for 7 generations...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raya 2010

This is the second time we celebrate hari raya without abi.I hope it will not happen again because next year my younger daughters will not be around to celebrate raya with us. Both of them will fly to mesir in 5 days time to further their studies in medicine. InsyaAllah 2017 we will meet and celebrate raya as a family again. But who knows i might celebrate raya 2012 in the land of anbia'.Last night my eldest daughter went back to Kelantan. And tomorrow my two sons will go back to their school and finally i am the only one left at home. Just me and me only.Bye for now.

Not the Last,perhaps~!

Salam alaykum ;)
Last night,Que made her way to campus in Kelantan.As usual,she took a bus there.It was on 2 am,which is today.Before she took off,we watched a little silly movie which is Saus Kacang.It's not so interesting as the movie actually sounds so cliche.It was just like a very common movie,so no star would be given.

At first,I was a little boring as nothing can I do.So I took out a snake game (picture would be out soon),and invite Ayie to play with me.And then Abang and Que wanted to play too.So,it was very interesting.More people made their way to win the game but as they arrived at number 99,they have to go back.In this game,one must complete their step exactly on the number 100,so the rest is history.

At the climax,Umi announced to give RM5 as a reward to the winner.And a few minutes then,Abang won it.So he got that RM5.And the rest got RM3,as for application gift.Ma only got RM1 because she does not involved in this game.She was teaching Abi how to use PowerPoint.You know the oldies.They may know everything except the latest technology.If it's me,same thing goes around.I prefer to focus on other things too.

But not without YM and Skype and blogging too.It is very important to know this.As this is the only way to cut expenses on communication later on.So,my parents aren't too backward.They even got their Facebook earlier!

In Que's case,she then leaved with Abi and Ayie.So I waved goodbye with Umi.Be right back.Till we meet again this Friday!

*Abang and Ayie will go back to hostel tomorrow.I am sorry to myself as I can't continue writing the Hari Raya Episodes.You know short term memory.I prefer K.Ika and K.Nani's! They are awesome.As I read their writing,it was just like going back to the event!*

Day after today


long time no see. i'm sorry..i'd promise to you that i'll show you my progress in the ART ASSIGN..but then i'd a little thing came up..and i can promise that by the end of this week you will see my workout in the ART ASSIGN. hehehe...and i'll show some of my frens's...

Can't wait..hehehe

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raya Part 2

9th of September 2010
Everybody's excited.Everybody's working.Me cleaning up the side near to dapur.Wow,of course I am scary.I am thinking of rats appear suddenly in front of me.If is it,I am dead.I am dead!

Me and Ma go fixing up the wardrobe,throw all antik things (omgosh,I don't know it's going to be thrown,I thought it is being to in plastic in the back room).But,truly.Everything's beautiful.The glass,the lights.Omgosh! (regret mode here).

And then,I go washing all the bekas kaca for Hari Raya,with Fit and Abang.Mak Andak and Umi preparing rendang and all dishes for tomorrow.Ma is sental-ing the front.Vacuuming and the elder sepupu like K.Nani and K.Ika is cleaning the most front part.I think it is called tempat for kanak-kanak berhari raya. (the rest is on the way to kampung).Wait,where's Ayie?

And suddenly Kak Dayu (i thought she goes back to KL for some reasons) appears in front of the door with Que! At first,Que told us that she cannot make her way home as no tickets are available.But,I know that she's making some tricks.Well,I got u-lah~! Umi's excited (a little for sure).And the rest is history.

When night comes,more people arrived.Before were Mak Andak and the sepupus.And now is Pak Ngah and his family.Wow,the air smells fresh.Allah bless this.Everybody's enjoying.I play firecrackers and mercun too.This is heaven.I will get some more later.  ^^

Friday, September 10, 2010

Raya Part 1

7th of Sept 2010.
After packaging some more luggages and load it into the car,we make our way on the road.It's 11.44 when we reached SJSI,to pick our IDs,(abi keep them for us).We stopped at Kg.Fikri to passing by and say goodbye to Kemamaneses.Then,we met Pak Usu and his friend Pak Cik Fahmi near to the Masjid Geliga.After performing Zuhr and Asr we continue our journey to Sg.Besar.And we bought some keropoks that is our special buah tangan everytime we back to Selangor.

We arrived at Tg.Karang near to dawn and broke our fast there.It's not a special treat but the omelettes are cool.And they served dates too,(it's not so yummy but aha,,burpppp).We're full.Then we continue.Then came Sg.Besar.There were Fit,Syida,Pak Itam at home.And we're the second trip,really? So,this is it.Hari Raya Part 1.

Thursday, September 2, 2010



it's me again. i just wanna say that i'd got an idea for my ART assignment. i'll let you know the progress. see u soon.

love like money. don't waste it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010




Haha..just kidding..i donno what to post. it has been long time since my last post. so i kind of ...feel...hmmm...awkward..maybe.

i got an assignment last week. actually, there's three of them. but one of them make me feel...arrrgggghhh. one of my lect ask us to show our talent in art. there's a big A there.i just not into it. and few days later i came with the idea ABSTRACT.'s kind of good idea cause i kind whatever i want. i can draw anything i like. i can draw anything..i can. i hate art yet i spend my 'leisure' time expanding my talent in art. the way, my lec will ask the best Art to present their work in front of the class, so, were the last. i hope im not the first nor the last..(wait the second...haha you will never got the first place in ART, QUE!!!!)

okay..end of bla..bla..

i have my first MURTABAK in my 18th days in Ramadhan.
hhmm..what's that mean???
its mean that...there is around here..hehe:)..
thanks, mrs fauziah and mr arifin.