Monday, December 5, 2016

our final study break


     Hi guys, hope you all doing great. Me and Ma just finished shopping our groceries. We bought a lot, so that explained the pile of shopping bags in the hall. I thought I should start my diet now. I mean maybe not really a regime of diet but rather to eat right and in moderate. Still I bought some snacks that I love most just to help me during craving time.

     We finished MCQ last Saturday. The questions surprisingly a bit hard, in a way that who didnt actually read good and understand the points might think the exam maker is just plain crazy surgeon who wanted to fail us. Im sorry but we both didnt make the full mark, guys. It was 20 questions exam in half an hour. I think I spoilt the half of them. Huhu

    I tried to study continously from yesterday and today. I did read some points and answered past year questions in order to polish my preparation for the exam next Monday. I hope we both can ace Surgery. It is our fav subject, and the teachers too are our fav prof of all times. I think thats all for now. Will write more later, iA. Meanwhile, whoever reads this post please make du'a for us both to stay calm, and rajin to revise. Aameen