Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eroo sekali lagi

Salam alykum,bebeh

Today I skipped lecture because I got flu.It is not very bad,but I just want to protect my lungs for physio test tomorrow.Yeah,it sounds pelik and macam tak logik.But,if you touch the water here and feel the wind at the morning,you will agree that I better stay at home today.

I still read my books eh.I finish the almost 3/4 of what will be asked tomorrow.Cehhhh.I dunnola whether I can answer it tomorrow,just pray for me la-hehehe.

I spent only an hour today for read other blogs,and I've been out of net connection for 3days before.Woaaaaaaa,something unbelievable,kan?I will continue fasting from pesbuk and other thing except blogging if i got something to tell or skype with you guys in the weekend.InsyaAllah will active pesbuking(wahahahahaha) this 13/12/2010 again after finishing my lower limb test.Hoaoaoa,fighting Eroo~!

My pelajaran ok,I still have some parts like I stilll need more reading like cardiac system.Im thinking on being a cardiologist,suddenly.Hehehehe.Sounds good-kan?Hehehee.Cardiologist main pesbuk ke?Wakakakakaka.And I want to tell that I've been selected as bendahari for batch 2010 at here,and Ma as Biro Ekonomi.Senget betul mereka mereka itu.Malas wehhhhhhhh.

And I in batuk2 now,my suara is so macho.My lung tak sehat.Hahahahaha.So I better pen off now.I want to continue on lower limb exercises.Memorizing at this time is no good.I feel so free to sleep but thinking that it's near to Zuhr I better bla lu ek.Hehehehehe.

Salam alykum ;D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy school holidays to me

Salaam children of heaven,
Today is my last day bertugas during the school holidays ..insya Allah , on Saturday i am going to jb to mak andak's house or maybe directly ke rumah mak lang yati ..or maybe we will go to pakcik's house first.if you are wondering why umi and m a are heading down south to jb this time of the year , the answer is simple ..kak farnida , mak lang yati's daughter is getting married on this coming sunday..also because this year is the first year that i can go ronda-ronda during the school year ..nobody is at home now ..the twins are in egypt ,the two hafizs are going back to their tahfiz on saturday ..only m a is coming home tonight..so i am going with m a to jb..

And you know something children , next month i will get my wang bantuan sarahidup or whatever they call that rm500..yg penting i will get it. coincidently i am on holiday at jb..so i think i am going to spend that fulus on myself ..i rarely spend money on myself always on you children ..your school fees ,scholl uniforms,books ,etc,etc.mind you..i am not grumbling ,i am not complaining ,i am not regretting spending the money on you all..after all i work so that i can use the money sambil menolong pater..but this time i will definitely lavish that pitih on myself..maybe i will buy new handbag ..the present one dah tercabut tali..you know already kan..maybe i will get or grab new shoes.hahahaha..only rm500..not rm5000...

Salam children,see you all tak tau bila..maybe next year or the year after that..study hard and study smart.as usual read your quran ,watch your aurat and solat on time..m a is going to spend her term break with me ..we are going to jb first and maybe we will go back to kg after that..or maybe we go to maklang's home in kl before going to kg..
Salaam ,may Allah Bless you all .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kenduri Daging Korban

   Salaaam children of heaven,
As usual the staff of tnb generation in one of the power plants in east cost do the qurban  during eidul adha ..this year they sembelih ten cows . the first cow to be sembelih is an aqiqah done by five staff ..i dont know who these people are..the meat from this aqiqah was cooked ..what else laaa if not masak singgang and goreng..the rest of the menu was sambal belacan campur mangga and air sirappp..

 This year i do my qurban in kemboja ..and what a sad thing this raya brought to me in terms of ..i dont know what to say or describe laa..it just remind me i have to korban so many things to give all my children a good start in life..their life not mine..i am an old woman already..and according to my ex-doctor who is in kl now..i am a young elderly lady ...hahahaha...do you know what it means...a lady who is over fifty years old but under sixty...that is what  it means...in ten years time i will be known as middle elderly and by the time i am seventy years old i will be known as warga platinum...hahahaha....as if we are some kind of metal ...

  You know children ,i never shed tears during eidul adha only during eidul fitri..itupun because we visit all the family's grave ,if not i am sure my tears will not come out..so many things have changed since my pater passed away ..some of us are not the apples of someone else's eyes anymore..what to do..we are getting older and some things do changed over the years ..just look at our hair ,the hairline ,the waist , and dont forget the eyes ..we lost the innocent looks years and years ago...if you can see deep into that person's eyes ,you will know that we are not in that person's heart anymore ..

  But children, whatever happens , life must go on ..nothing has changed between you and me ..you are my children now and you are still my children in the hereafter ..whatever happens here will not affect our relation..in six years time some of you will get your degree , your diploma , you might be in egypt ,you might be in malaysia ,or jordan ,or kuwait ,or anywhere you like ..you m a , you might be in egypt also like the future dukturahs ,you my hafizs , you might be in madinah makkah , syria or right here in malaysia ..as long as you want to further your studies you can go to any country you prefer ..

  Bye children , time to perform zuhur prayer . i dont want to die without performing my solat zuhur first ..see you in my dreams ..but you know ..i rarely dreams nowdays  ..as usual read your quran ,solat on time and watch your aurat ..adios children ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eidul Adha without my daughters

   Salaaam children of heaven ,
Today is hari raya qorban or eidul adha ..last night i cooked some ketupat segera and kuah kacang..but you know..i made a little bit modification with that kuah kacang..i put ikan tongkol inside ..first i steamed the ikan and afterwards i fried it..only then i campur the tongkol goreng with kuah kacang ..i also bought ketupat palas but i masak sendiri ketupat nasi ..only segera laa no ketupat daun kelapa ..but pater also bought ketupat palas .. maybe pater thought umi couldnt handle this simple task of hidanging makanan for this special day ..hahaha.

  All my daughters are celebrating eidul adha with their frienda this year..maybe i will sambut raya haji at makkah next year..maybe you know..but i am thinking ..just thinking ..yes..it is a very good idea..what do you think children..let pater celebrate eidul adha with abang and ayi..i might bring m a along with me..but it depends on the pulus laa..
  ok children,,selamat hari raya haji 2010 ..or eidul adha 1431H..may Allah Bless you and keep you in His Rahmat..adios..dont forget read quran everyday , solat on time ,watch your aurat...see you ..

Eidul Adha without my daughters

   Salaaam children of heaven ,
Today is hari raya qorban or eidul adha ..last night i cooked some ketupat segera and kuah kacang..but you know..i made a little bit modification with that kuah kacang..i put ikan tongkol inside ..first i steamed the ikan and afterwards i fried it..only then i campur the tongkol goreng with kuah kacang ..i also bought ketupat palas but i masak sendiri ketupat nasi ..only segera laa no ketupat daun kelapa ..but pater also bought ketupat palas .. maybe pater thought umi couldnt handle this simple task of hidanging makanan for this special day ..hahaha.

  All my daughters are celebrating eidul adha with their frienda this year..maybe i will sambut raya haji at makkah next year..maybe you know..but i am thinking ..just thinking ..yes..it is a very good idea..what do you think children..let pater celebrate eidul adha with abang and ayi..i might bring m a along with me..but it depends on the pulus laa..
  ok children,,selamat hari raya haji 2010 ..or eidul adha 1431H..may Allah Bless you and keep you in His Rahmat..adios..dont forget read quran everyday , solat on time ,watch your aurat...see you ..


Monday, November 15, 2010

Eroo di sini.

Salam alaykum,best la skype dengan you guys,huhuhu.Looking forward for tomorrow.Many of my friends came and leave soon.For this time,Ma's house will be occupied with them.Can't wait to celebrate Eid Adha with new environment.

Exams are around the corner.I just finished some chapters.Whatever soon,I hope that I can do well in everything.Okayh,bebeh.Rindu pulak kat semua.Abang,don't forget to jaga urself.You r big enough to differentiate which one is halal and which one is haram.Jaga urself.Don't come to Mesir.I will never allow it.Huahuahua.

Hayyi yang encem,rindu eroo dok?Hehehe.Jangan malas2 ek?

To Umi,babai.Be happy in Eid with ur sons.Hehehe.

To akak,please send me all photos,okay?

To everybody,kullu sanah wa antum toyyibin.

I hope and I pray I can perform Hajj in this nearest time.InsyaAllah ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Those schooldays

salaam children ,
Last night i watched the open ceremony of sukan asia/asia games in guangzhou china ..when i was in pimary school way back in 1960s ,i was the school athlete ..i took part in every games in the school ,be it netball , hockey , cross country , pingpong ..in sukan sekolah i took part in 100m , 200m , hurdles ,long jump ,high jump.I was always the winner and you know why children..hahaha....i was the tallest girl in school ,the smartest girl (i always no 1 in school exams for my class )but i was not the cutest laaa..but i am certain i was the most popular girl in school..every pupil every teacher knew me..ahh..those wonderful school days....

In secondary school i only played netball no more hockey ..know why ..it was not because i dislike hockey but because atok could not afford to buy longpants / track bottom /seluar jeans for me .so the end for playing hockey in secondary school ..i wore shorts when i played netball because the games were played in school compound ..be it in my school or other school ..Hockey was conducted outside school premises or rather it was played in padang tpca near the hosp.kuala lumpur ,,in kampung bharu laa ..i dont know whether this padang still wujud or tak..sorry children ..i think i will continue tomorrow this story ..prayer time laaa..i dont want to die without solat first ..adios

Getting better or there are udang behind all that mee

  Salaam children of heaven ,                                                                                                                                    I was sleeping when the phone rang..i thought of ignoring it at first..usually the caller salah nombor..but i dont know laa what makes me get up and pickup the phone..allahuakbar..it was only pater asking me whether i want to do korban this year...and you know what ......he was only outside and in his/my car ..i have done my part in doing korban this year by joining one agency ..this year this agency will perform the korban in kemboja..as usual.

I will advise all of you to perform korban once you get a job and do it every year..you can help your saudara seagama in one aspect and on the other hand you also help yourself ..insya Allah ..pahala bagi setiap bulu binatang korban..and before darah binatang itu jatuh ke tanah..

Dear children, we can communicate better ..a little bit better ..compared before that incident occured..and you know what.. pater is sending m a some money maybe to buy her ticket home or i dont know what laaaa..pater is getting better in huluring some pulus to m a ..or are you thinking as i am thinking right now ..all the udang are hiding behind all that meeeeeeeeeeee....you remember the pepatah melayu which said..kalau tak ada apa-apa takkan tempua bersarang rendah..i bet all of  you dont even know what is tempua ..a tempua is a bird ..and tempuas dont make their sarang in lower limb of a tree..a tempua's nest can only be found high up the tree's limb ..so if tempua makes the lower limb of the tree trunk as its nest..watch out children..just watch out for some perkara yang akan terjadi..

I want to catch up on my beauty sleep laa..today is school holiday and i should be sleeping at this time of the day ..not ting toing my finger on the board..yes children ..only one finger is working the rest are taking their rest ..salaam children of heaven ..if you can please fast on hari arafah .in malaysia on tuesday ..in egypt i dont know ..as usual solat on time watch your aurat and read quran everyday...adios children of heaven ..may Allah Bless you all..


3P campaign ;D

Salam alaykum dearies.
Laugh out loud-lah.Holiday is now on the road.Hooorayh! You know readers, me and my classmates when we were in the last section,we can't hide lah the excitedness for this holiday.What to say,dengan jadual 6 hari seminggu,8am to 4 pm everyday except certain days.This is a blast!

Well,not much holiday kot.I got  exams waiting for me.Yesterday after finishing my section,I rehat/took a rest laa.After Asr,I went to Money Changer.Then,ikut Ma balik rumah dia.Then spent the whole day with things other than books.HAHAHA!

My dukturah told me that I should go visit other places but I don't think I can.Most of my friends from Zagazig,Tanta,Alex and Cairo will spend cuti raya  at my rumah this raya.Eheh.Not know la what will happen later.25 persons at the same time in the house .God bless this flat.LOL

3P Campaign is on the road.Amende gok?



ap khabar semua? akak ngah praktikal ni. kat pasir mas. duk umah sewa yang kist rent. ad tiga bilik kat sini. hahaha tak best mne pun klu nak citer pasal tmpt ni. i'll be here until 25th november. then i cuti2 malaysia. best gak sebenarnyer cuti ni. boleh mkn bende yg takleh mkn kat hostel. contohnyer...cam satay, roti john, mee kari pun best gak...hehehe bestnyer dapat mkn semua tue..

sekarang keadaan saya ok..tapi something happen past few days. saya baru jer hbis exam. tapi saya dah tahu dan yakin saya tidak dapat mempertahankan result saya. pointer saya bakal jatuh. for god sake, this is my first time saya rasa frust coz result exam. sebabnyer sangat sengal. saya sangat regret bende ni even sampai sekarang. rasa nak pusing balik masa. nak kembali mase lalu.

sebab dia adalah, saya tak tahu bahawasanya JADUAL WAKTU EXAM TELAH DIUBAH. subjek tersebut adalah nursing. tapi nursing pun 4JAM KREDIT tu. arrggghhhhh.......subjek patut amik hari esoknyer tapi sebenarnyahari ni. waktu tu saya ngah senang duk hostel study untuk nursing yang ingatkan ada esok. tapi...cam sengal jer rasa. bodoh rasa. nyesal gi-la. bodoh..bodoh..ain bodoh..

pointer aku bakal rosak..sijil cacat..ada satu REPEAT. bodoh gi-la. nursing yang senang ..konfem2 dapat A+. aarrggghhhh.....kawan2 aku asyik tanya napa tak datang..ikut hati nak jawab 'WEI, AKU TAK DATANG COZ KORANG TAK INFORM!!!!' tapi aku tau ni bukan salah diorg jer..salah aku gak sebenarnyer. napa aku tak tanya kalau ad ap2 mklmt baru kat diorg.

tapi aku betul2 sedih tak dapat wat exam tu. menyesal sangat. sori umi. sem depan akak tak dapat e-purse dh. sijil akak dah cacat dah. maaf. biyanee...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

  Salaam children of heaven ,nothing to write this time ...this time i want to write in malay so maa can understand it clearly ..abi kata telefon nombor yang ada di belakang kad atm maybank maa tu..untuk activate kad ..pastu baru boleh guna .and my dear m a , how is your exam this semester ..

Monday, November 8, 2010

   Salaam children of heaven ,today i have kolokium penolong kanan pentadbiran at smk s o ...so boring ..i think i slept most of the time..not really tidur laa but i closed my eyes and i only lent my ears to the pembentang kertas.that was in the morning..at 2.30pm i have another meeting at sm imtiaz dungun ..i passed by our land near that old masjid..and you know what..i saw quite a number of houses being built near the masjid's field..remember the field where the stage usually is ? yes ..there's where i saw the houses this afternoon..

  I bought 4 keping roti canai/roti telur ..when i reached home pater was in bed..sleeping..it was raining but the tap tadok water !..i wonder why..i took my ablution and performed asr prayer ..and wonder of wonder pater ate 2 roti..the rain made pater lapar perut ..today is the second time pater ate what i brought home without asking umi first ...maybe pater has an empty wallet..

  I am alone now and it is nearly eleven oclock..night time mind you ,children ..pater is in dungun buying some medicine for umi ..and maybe for himself too..it is still raining outside..i think i have to pen off now ..so sejuk laaa children ..my lutut is sakit sengal now..too much iron in my kaki..the doctor in me says so laa..
Ok children of heaven ..dont forget to read quran everyday ..watch your aurat and solat on time ..May Allah Bless you all.. adios..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jamuan Akhir Tahun

Salaaam children of heaven,

Today i went to Residence resort for our annual lunch...hahahaha..i received four plastic containers..2 tupperware n 2 tippuware..what am i going to do with all those containers ,i dont know..when the children were in al amin i often in gelabah state searching for any containers to put bread or whatever they were bringing to school..often they carry the breads in their hands for lack of container ..if i am not mistaken i have lost quite a number of tupperware because they thought tupperware is just a plastic container .. sometimes i got a bit naik angin but after a few kehilangan ,i did not give them tupperware anymore ..not because i sayang tuperware but because the children had a very bright ideas..they put the breads in the bread's plastic .....ends of missing tupperwares in school bus or in school canteen or classrooms..

 I reached home around 3 pm but pater was still in bed ..usually ,he should be on his way to work at this time ..i put kuih bingka ubi on the table and perform solat zuhur..dah lewat youuuu...when i went to the table to eat the kuih,,wosh..wosh..woshhhh..one bekas was empty......did pater eat them ? what do you think chilkdren...after asr prayer,i went to abang's n hayyi's school ..i bought 3 boxes of pizza..

 Dear m a ,dear dukturahs,,abang dah masuk juzuk 9 and hayyi juzuk 6..alhamdulillah..every night i pray to Allah ..you know what i really ask Allah every time i make my doa ? i pray mudah-mudahan all five of them will become hafizs and hafizahs..night children..moga semua dalam rahmat Allah.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy anniversary to me and my family

   Salaaam children of heaven , i wonder whether you all realised today is the day that marked the beginning of all of you in this world..this day should be a day of happiness for both of us and infact for our family..but never mind at least we are on the road of mending our live..just now i heard that nearly 34 thousand people in kedah have been evacuated from their houses..at least i still have roof above my head..

Dear children,,i know the three of you are sitting for your exam ..i pray to Allah to pmudahkan your life at your respective ipt ..study hard and insyaallah everything will come easily to you.. provided your relation with Allah is ok..never forget to perform solat on time ,watch your aurat , and please children , read quran everyday , not one or two pages but one juzuk or surah..

  I hope in five years time i have the rezeki to celebrate my silver anniversary with  my children ,provided i am still around .who knows ,maybe at that time i have more than five children ...hahahahaha..son-in-laws ..maybe.... maybe you know..just maybe..only Allah knows the futures ..last night one of my dukturah in nasr city wrote that she spent nearly rm90 to prepare herself for the upcoming cold weather in egypt ..how i wish that i am in nasr city now ..woshhh..woshhhh..woshh....the wind blowing on our face..

Ok children of heaven ,see you all taktaulah bila . maybe this eidul adha i celebrate it with my sons only .My
m a said she will come home but not sure when ..so whenever you all are i wish you happy anniversary to me and pater ..adios..

Apa ertinya saya menganut islam

   Today i just want to write or more correctly cut n paste what ilmuan islam wrote about this topic..According to Fathi Yakan if somebody says that he or she that he or she is a muslim he/she must islam dari sudut2 berikut..
Islam dari sudut akidah, sudut ibadah, sudut akhlak , sudut keluarga...
  Oohhhhhhhhhh..my mind is on the tv screen  watching lambaian baitullah..how can i write when my eyes and my mind are not on my laptp ...i think i have to pen off ..maybe i can continue later..

Me in District 7

As we know today is Friday.I feel like to jeluok/luga when I kelih at my books.Last week rasa so fast to me as I fought with time(which is not serious) in memorizing the lower limb.

During last section which is yesterday,I felt very ackward.Seriously memang clearly transparent to others I was affected by Dr.Khayam's word.
You're not Khairul Bariyyah.If you study well,for sure u can answer my question.

Hahaha,and yesterday I felt soooooo good.I did my part in answering her question.

Do you want to know what I'm feeling during that time.Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa,Tuhan blessed me.Really.Hohohoh,mumkin this is what mumtaz people feel when their final results are out.

And yesterday,after dinner.Suddenly(no planning on it pun.Just Allah hantar,kita pi aje-la),me and my whole housemates went to Abu Ila to shoping things for winter.Now is winter but not the climax.But,as u know cold is cold and winter is winter.Brrrrrr...so cooolddd.I walked everyday to my university by walking and the atmosphere is just like sitting in ice-cooled room.But,hahahaa,I managed it well.

I bought 2 winter coats.One is wintercoat and one more is sweat shirt or whatever it is.And a belt too.Laugh out loud.Am I reducing my weight?Frankly I don't think so.Foods here are so mudah.Tunggu my kaki je rajin ke tak.

During this winter,I spent lots of money on winter coat(L.E 100/RM 60),sweat shirt(L.E 45/RM40),saratoga(L.E 105/RM65)(selimut tebal),socks(L.E5/RM3-4) and gloves~

No snow pun just angin and air that killing you,huahuahuahua.

I want to read books lah.I can always answer dukturah's question in Physio's lab.And,people think that I am intelligent but poor you,hahaha.it was just a lintasan fikiran.Not actually a concrete answer from my ilmu,hehehehe)

Eid is coming around,I just want to cook nasi lemak and spagatti.Not more pun.wakakaka.Satay?In your dream-lah.BABAI everybodyyyyyyyyy

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Berhati-hati di jalanraya

  Salaam children of heaven , i have been warned by the authority that my  driving licence boleh ditarik balik because he said it is lesen terbang..hahaha....indeed...i have been driving on the road since pater went for futher studies in you know where laaa...so for the time being i will drive as pemandu haram..what can i do..i like  my car and i love my passangers even more than i love my car...i can buy another car or i can just dump the car whenever i feel like doing it ..but there is one passanger who begged me not to dump the current car.. maybe this passenger likes the old car or maybe he has sentimental value regarding the old car..whatever his needs is i promised him that i will tell him before i do anything with it..

Post dari District 7-1

Salam alykum,after reading the latest post,I realized something lah.You,so cold.Like Im feeling in this winter.During my ablution,I touched the water.Brrrrr..so coldd.And suddenly I was in a deep thinking.You,you are even colder than this.

Dear you,I know maybe u r just joking.Well,I remember until the last time we were together you still made fun.So please let me believe for more time,this is one of the joke from you.

And dear okasaan,please always believe I am on my way to be somebody of myself.You asked me to be a friend instead of searching a friend.I got many Arab friends.I think they're thinking I am funny and have no problems and intelligent in my study.

About Dr.Khayem,laugh out loud.Yes,I dont recite Koran until 2 juz per day.So,this is another solution to mantapkan my ingatan.Hehehehe.

About abang and ayi,please beri more effective together time  on them.Bring good books,ensiklopedia for abang.Tegur no belok2.just stret2.Hehehee.Whatever happen later,I don't want anybody get affected by bad effect,because u okasaan has done ur part as mum the best way u can.They know which one is ok and which one is haram.

I always want to believe that marriage is not a lasting thing in this world.You end it with death or divorcing.Please dear okasaan,mantapkan hubungan dengan Allah.At least u know,u r fighting for the right thing in this world.No benefits if u perjuangkan sesuatu without tambah ur pahala.

I won't cry,but I will be more patient.Indeed,this life is a life of test.
Don't afraid to lose because from losing u start gaining another thing in ur life.
I want okaasan mati dalam iman.

Ya Rabb i am not strong anymore

 Salaam my brothers my sisters my nieces,

Monday, November 1, 2010

Malam yang dingin

Last night was a bit scary but it made me insaf sekejap..angin bertiup kencang disertai guruh /petir..as usual diikuti oleh blackout ..it was a bit lucky because pater was at home..everytime the pelantik went berserk , he got up and pull it down again..if i was alone..ooohhh..i dont think i have the strengh to get up for five times ..walking in the darkness when outside the rain made scary music...wosh..wosh..woshhhhhhhhhh...

  But i wonder why there was no ong.ong..ong.ongggg..onggggg..where are they hiding ? are they same like me ? hiding in the blancket ? no.no..no...i bet they are taking their bath in the longkang....if i was one of them, i am sure i would also have my bath in that longkang...

  But children , when i woke up at my usual time , the light was off  but,but ,.....no sound of the fan from that room..hahahaha....pater went to work and he thought i dont need lights from outside .are you all wandering why the thunder made me insaf for awhile...just imagine i was feeling sorry for myself because at my age i dont have anyone to talk to..i just want to hear some sound other than the sound made by the rain and the wind.. boom..booommm..booommm...can you imagine the sound that i heard last night..it was enough to make me feel asleep without realising i was all alone in the house..

 Allah gave me more than i asked for..can all of you speak as loud as the thunder ..even if you combine all your suara ,you still cannot compete with it...
I heard that my children and their friends in nasr city got  a little bit of problems..they cannot memerise all parts of human bones..for me , you know..you have not done your job..do you read quran everyday ..i mean really read quran satu juzuk or dua juzuk not one page or two pages...and do you ask Allah to help you to lighten your burden .. children ,if possible ,please read mathurat everyday too..

  I ask all of you to solat on time watch your aurat read quran everyday now ..salaam ..take care of yourself children of heaven..I pray to Allah ,,please ease your burden a bit..