Thursday, May 26, 2011

catatan final exam 3,kot

Salam alaykum,salam sejahtera kepada semua penduduk bumi di mana saja anda berada.Di msia,di meser,di kilang lynas.thee thee thee.

Okay,this round i would like to write something something.Like yesterday,kak milah and some of her friends came to our house on bakan perak matter.I heard that Bdan kebajikan perak gave each perakian 5oo cool,if i get one i just want to spend them on delievered foods everyday.From day to day,doing something not linking to xm's day seems to be so tiring.And i dont believe that i can walk about an hour per day then rushing to make dinner everyday.Nowadays,to eat is so menyusahkan.I like to cicoh roti with susu only or maybe nasi goreng is special.Buah2 also is invited into my meal except that sometimes i skipped them bcoz buah is so far to go to buy and i dont like walking in this hot weather.phew......

okay,my friends have been talking about going back to msia.after all,me myself got extravaganza ideas.maybe i will finish my summer with travelling to tanta,mansoura,alex and zagazig.anything except stay in home.i dont want to turn up like my winterbreak.yeah,there's sauroh but i cant believe that i've to be a packed house,playing computer game or just sleep.x beh lasom i tell u.and yeah,tv is good .hahaha,but not now anymore,the house i used to live during sauroh has been out of astro-like services.poor them.hahaahha

okay,got to go.pray that i can finish my cardiovascular today.babababababai

Monday, May 23, 2011

The ancient people of sabak bernam

   Salaam children of heaven ,

   Atuk's mater had four siblings all female ...okasaan called them opah usu , opah uteh , opah kili and of course opah sabak ...opah usu was the youngest and opah sabak was the now you know that opah sabak was atuk's mater ...all of them had passed away when okasaan was in secondary school ...except opah sabak...opah sabak was still alive when okasaan married pater ...opah uteh was mak lang's yati grandma ..opah usu was tok alang milah's mater have not met any of opah kili's decendents ....okasaan never met atuk uteh or atuk sabak ..both of them passed away before okasaan was born ...

   Opah uteh had only one child and he is tok unggal ,mak alang's yati pater ...we always visit tok unggal during eidul fitri ...
This is tok unggal's house..the man beside al hafiz ayi is pak uda ,tok unggal's son..

   Dear children of heaven , tok unggal's first wife was opah's younger sister ..the only sister you know ..if fact okasaan knew she was the only aunt who was still alive when okasaan was young ...atuk's sisters were all dead before okasaan was born ...

   Okasaan thinks you should know all these people ,before okasaan is also gone from this world ...okasaan also thinks that it is not suprising that atuk had seven sons and only three daughters but most of atuk's grandchildrens are girls ..out of seventeen only six grandchildrens are boys ...but then atuk's grandchilds are a handful compared to atuk unggal's ...hahahahaha....dunia akhir zaman ...

at pengkalan balak ,last year's family day..

Last night okasaan was listening to radio klasik antarabangsa...where else laa if not at klasik national ..there is one song but okasaan could not remember who was the singer...he sang...i can't give you anything but my love , but my love if we could buy a kilo of sugar with love ...or as if we can eat love in order to stay alive....remember children that we need more than love if we want to survive in this mad mad mad world ...and do you know ...there is a son of one chief minister in our country that has to give his ex-wife four hundred million rm million as fasakh and three million as harta sepencarian ..........but then children , who needs love if we are hungry amount of love can give you a plate of rice ....but dear children ...just remember we need Allah's love ....

  Okasaan will continue telling you about all atuk's aunties at some other times usual read your quran ...especially at these crucial times ....solat on time ..try not to meet the gajah or the elephants ,you is quite scary meeting them all the time may feel their stampede in your heart ...and dress properly ...
Adios , see you ...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Of angau and true love

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  How are you dear children of nile river ..have you seen the piramids or the okasaan writing them correctly.. if you went shopping try looking for papyrus letter there such a thing ..okasaan is teaching history of the old nile river ...of cleopatra ..of the medicine ..and of course about pharoahs you remember qarun , hamun ..and okasaan is very sure you know and will always remember the prophets musa as and harun as ...okasaan's pater's name was harun if the grandchildrens of harun can forget it ...

  Dear children of the nile river , can you tell okasaan where are firaun ,qarun , hamoon now...all are dead are cleopatra and all the emperors of the byzantine empire hundred years time so are we ...okasaan ,pater , arramuni ,the two hafizs the future twin dukturahs ....remember the ayat ...semua yang hidup akan mati...all living things will meet death one day in their life ...dunia tempat manusia menanam dan akhirat tempat menuai...we sow what we dear children plant all the good things in this that we can sow all the good things in the you think that studying medicine all the way in nasr city / egypt / nile river is wasting your time you think travelling thousands of miles just to study medicine is small matter ..

  Allah is Great ..Allah Knows what is happening to you over there ...semua perkara akan dibalas..whether good or bad ...just make sure your intention or your niat is because of Allah ...not because you want to show to other people ...not the big salary nor the glamour nor others' opinion ..
this is where it first started 

   Dear children of heaven , whenever you feel the burden ,the heavy burden , read quran ..take your ablution first ,then do solat hajat and read the quran ...never despair ..Allah is always doa is always with you..

   Read your quran ...solat on time and dress properly ...adios ..see you soon..

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tiada yang kekal abadi melainkan Allah

   Salaam children of heaven ,

   Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Menyayangi ,
Tiada tuhan yang berhak disembah melainkan Allah dan Nabi Muhammad itu adalah Pesuruh Allah.
Aku mengaku janji-janji Mu benar,pertemuan dengan Mu benar , syurga Mu benar ,neraka Mu benar ,
nabi-nabi pilihan Mu benar dan Nabi Muhammad saw adalah benar .

  Buat anak-anak di lembah nil ,

  Ya Tuhan kami ,hanya kepada Engkaulah kami bertawakkal
   dan hanya kepada Engkaulah kami bertaubat
  dan hanya kepada Engkaulah kami kembali

Wahai anak-anak di lembah nil ,

Wahai Tuhan kami, kurniakanlah kami rahmat daripada sisi Mu ,
dan berikanlah kemudahan-kemudahan serta pimpinan kepada kami
untuk keselamatan agama kami.

 Dear children of heaven , whenever in kesusahan ingatlah doa ini

  Sesungguhnya tiada Tuhan (yang dapat menolong)melainkan Engkau (ya Allah )
  Maha Suci Engkau (daripada melakukan aniaya, tolonglah daku)
  Sesungguhnya aku adalah daripada orang yang menganiaya diri sendiri .

  Wahai Tuhanku ,sesungguhnya aku sangat berhajat kepada sebarang rezeki pemberian yang Engkau berikan
  Dan jika Engkau tidak mengampunkan dosaku , dan memberi rahmat kepadaku,
  Nescaya jadilah aku daripada orang yang rugi .

  Adios , see you soon ...

catatan final exam 3

dedicated to everybody especially to umi,penulis tegar blog kami.stalker jika ada :p.dan ayi qayyum akak yg dirindui :p nok luga hijau.

Catatan final exam 2

Alhamdulillah,thanks Allah.Im almost reaching my target for today.Still,I cant and sure cant satisfy now.Well,this is only a starting.Eventhough many obstacles and godaan from setan,I thanked Allah and everybody's du'a for living until today.Somehow,sometimes I was stuck in the midldle of my books.I have been to Zahraa' Hospital(for blood test).I put myself.I imagined myself.So,this is my place 2 years from now.Hectic,dirty,noisy and bla3.Is this what Im working for? For such of this upcoming things? I have to bear everything,my comforty bed,little amount of meals to make sure that I wont fall asleep during my study.Being scolded almost everyday.Is this what I want? Is this what Im working for?

My friend said,if u fight for dunia,you will find tiredness.Nothing else.So,thats the point when I was broken in some time.When we dont know what we're doing,we do the job without heart.Here comes tajdid niat.Always tajdid niat.Renew our intention everytime as setan has made his hidup mati sumpah to drag us including me! to neraka I know.

Hahaha,sometimes I wonder why do I want to be a doctor? Like I mentioned to myself many times.Being a doctor is too far from me.It takes 5 years journey to take me there.And the fact,maybe I already die along the journey.So,being a doctor is not my destination.So what was it?! What the heck Im doing now?

And so I reflected back.Why do I live? What I'm living for.No.Dont answer me.It's a question for you too,readers.We have Allah.Turn to him when you are in my shoes.And dont leave jemaah.When crucial time like now,I mean final exam,I think they are the only one who want this bond that linked us together to be more tighten.Nobody wants to see anybody else fail.Maybe we want to be the best but to let others fall down,I believe nobody dare to do that.

And maybe my writing now is just like a syarahan.Actually,it's a testing2 to test my writing.Umi,komen skek :p.Ok,I pergi dulu.


Half the leg is on the plane

   Salaaam children of heaven ,

   Next tuesday okasaan is going to do some medical checkup at kemaman hospital ...tabung haji has sent the letter asking to do so ..maybe okasaan will do the checkup at tnb panel ...tuesday is a working day laaa...okasaan does not want everybody to know laa ...only our relatives that is immediate relatives ...only okasaan's siblings and their children ..anyway the hajj season is five months away ..anything can happen in that time the way children , pater is in sgbesar today ...okasaan did not think that pater would singgah at opah's house ...but that is Allah's work ..

  Okasaan is doing some reading about hajj and umrah / omraa...if okasaan has the money , okasaan will perform the umrah twice a year you know that umrah to umrah will wash away all the sins that we committed....that is way okasaan would like to do that ...but pater has a different opinion , you know ...even if okasaaan is not going ,okasaan likes to talk about it ...but pater always says do not talk about it if we are not going is like showing of we are bersih punya people ..hahahahahaha...

okasaan wants to go with pater ,you know , but that is not possible .
and okasaan wants to climb this mount or jabal rahmah with pater ...maybe next time ..maybe next year.

Okasaan advise to all of you is only this ...never go to makkah or madinah alone ...if possible go with your spouse ,husband or wife , if  you are not married , go with your parents or your siblings ...only do not go alone..but this time insyaallah okasaan is going with mak andak and two cousins and also atuk's cousin ...pray that okasaan always has good health ...we cannot buy good health but we can always find money ...

The pligrims stay at one of this champ in mina ..maybe okasaan will stay here also during the 'melontar jamrah'
We stay at mina for three days or some pligrims stay only for two days if they want to ...the last time okasaan went with pater ,we stayed for three days memory that will always stays in okasaan's heart  is pater's bald head ...
Can the dukturahs see camels in nasr city egypt ..not in the city..try to see this animal this coming varsity breaks ....
Have to go now ...asr prayer laaa...adios..see you 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

   Salaam children of heaven,

   Last night at about 4am pater and four friends went to kuala selangor ...pater said some muktamar of pakatan pkpi tnb the palma hotel ...we always pass by that hotel everytime we go back to sgbesar ...pater is going to sgbesar too ...maybe tomorrow or the day after ...okasaan bought some keropok for your pak itam and pak's been such a long time for pater you know ...mak andak said maybe four years ...but okasaan thinks three years laaa...or maybe mak andak is correct you know ...pater never goes back  to sgbesar after opah passed away four years ago ...two years ago pater went to sgbesar with his brother but only to do some shopping ....

    Dear children , sometimes okasaan thinks pater purposely tak mau go to opah's house ...yesterday when okasaan said that abang and ayi wanted to go along to sgbesar , pater said pity them ..opah's house needs some cleaning ..okasaan told pater that we are going to do some renovation ...the kitchen's floor first then the ceiling ...pater said runtuhkan seme ..after that build a new one ..luckily okasaan tak kata cenggini ...all of opah's daughters are married not like tuk's daughters ...know what okasaan means ...they can kumpul banyak banyak pitih because they only spend around rm200 or rm300 a month ...hence a brand new house at you know where laaa.....enough said about that ..

Dear twin dukturahs ...have some chickens ,please help yourself...

   Last tuesday okasaan and pater went to bachok with m a ...she has finished her examinations and next week is her practicals ...okasaan did not know where but m a said at some small pusat kesihatan somewhere in kb ...okasaan keeps hearing gedebuk ...gedebuk..gedebuk...the mempelams are ripe now ...but alas .. no children to eat them ...bersepah sepah on the ground sad just looking at them ..wasting away ...even the monkeys are nowhere to be seen ...

the dukturas's with old friends at their old school ..

   Okasaan thinks okasaan will collect the mangos / mempelam later laaa...maybe after solat zuhur when the men are at the mosque..
As usual please read your quran , solat as soon as the azan ends ...and dont forget your dressing ...dress as a good muslimah dress..
Adios ...see you all..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catatan final exam 1

Salam alaykum,feel like  stopping by.hehehe

as today is 11th of may that means that first paper would be exactly a month from now! Hohoho,sometimes i wonder can i finish everything in this time.You know,egyptians students already packed their things and flew back to their kampung halaman.mmmm,exam is around the corner but still thinking about going home,pelik2.

And many dr said that our study leave will only be about 2 weeks,means there are still 2 weeks to attend lecture.I think I can accept this.But you know,it's not important to get a month leave or just 2 weeks for study leave,stop complaining not enough time when u still have time to watch videos in the weekends.Pelik2.For me,merangkak ke bjalan lenggang2 kangkong ke pecut ke once kita nak ke destinasi tu kita tetap akan bgerak ke arahnya unless dia memang nak melencong.Cehhh,mengarut ape daa ni....nothing just dont want to get interrupted that i still have 2 weeks to attend lecture.

btw,i made ikan goreng with tom yam,i tell u okaasan ikan goreng dia memang sedap,x yah letak kunyit,goreng gtu je memang rasa dalam2 la.oke got to go now,tomorrow a friend from alex will come,i will teman her to atabah do some shopping for something,may everything flow smoothly,i will finish my reading in the time,just  want to make sure my friend is treated well.

ummm,oke babai! hehehe,my weight grow sihatly.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jasa Bonda / mother's love

     Salaam children of heaven ,

   Ayah dan ibu , ayah dan ibu
   itulah permulaan kami
   dapat melihat bulan dan matahari
   yang dikurniakan
   ayah dan ibu , ayah dan ibulah
   mesti dihormati
   ayah dan ibu , ayah dan ibu
   wali wali keramat
   pada mereka kita beri hormat
   bagai nasihat tunjuk ajar
  supaya hidup kita akan selamat

  Yesterday was mother's day ...okasaan's day ..but mind all of you not celebrate this day because okasaan is a mother from the moment m a was born until the day okasaan died...okasaan is not a mother in one day only and the rest of the year is not ...opah was twenty five years when okasaan was born ..and atuk thirty two years old ..

kau dibuai mimpi dia berjaga
engkau tidur dia berkerja
ingin dibinanya untuk mu
kehidupan yang sempurna
itulah yang diwarisi
pesan ibu terpahat di hati
marah bukan kebencian
tapi tanda sayang
engkau semakin dewasa
berjiwa merdeka
sedang dia semakin tua
membilang usia
di saat kau berjaya
dia tiada berdaya
semoga kau tak lupa jasa bonda

  Aaaahhh...dear children of heaven okasaan loves this song...okasaan can never get tired listening to this song ...when okasaan was your age , okasaan never thought that one day okasaan would think of opah nearly everyday of okasaan's life ...who would think of old age of dying of graveyard of the next world of alam barzah ...there are days when okasaan thought of opah and atuk that makes okasaan feel sad ..both of them struggled very hard to bring the ten of us up send all of us to school buy clothes ,food ..

Opah at pantai batu buruk terengganu ..1994

Atuk with his vespa ..okasaan is not sure when this photo is taken

   When okasaan was small ,okasaan always wandered why opah liked to take along mak andak whenever opah went somewhere ..never mak lang never okasaan ..always mak andak...
Dear children of heaven ,if you have a daughter two daughters or three daughters, treat them equally...never show that you love one more than the other ..never give them rooms to ponder why you treat them like they are your adopted children ...children have great memory or should okasaan describes it as ingatan yang sangat
 kuat ..

 Why 200 and after that 100 egp..

Have to stop now...cannot write anymore laaa...okasaan keeps thinking of opah and atuk not know your quran and sedekahkan for atuk and opah ..solat as soon as the azan ends and dress properly ..adios..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

contact okasaan if you read this

   Salaam children of heaven ,

   Dear dukturah ma and dukturah ero ...okasaan tried to contact both of you this morning ...okasaan talked to uncle z ..he told okasaan that the rent for your house has been paid do not have to pindah to rumah anak negeri until your exam is over ...the rent for jun july if okasaan is not mistaken has been taken care for ,by pak hakim...that is why he cannot give you the pitih for jun okasaan thinks it is better if both of you stay at that house until july can move out after your exam is over ...please contact okasaan if you can ..tomorrow morning like this morning , if you can..okasaan will be waiting ...adios ..

Old people are gone but the young ones....

   Salaam children of heaven ,

   Yesterday okasaan went to kg tok dir with pater ...somewhere in kuala terengganu ...we went to ziarah ami's grandfather who died at five am ...we reached the house around 930 am ...maybe we stayed for about half an hour or the most forty minutes...dear children , okasaan did not want you to do like most of the grandchildren or children of the demise did...what okasaan means is dont borak-borak kosong when okasaan is dead and still in the house ..please recite the quran from the moment okasaan gives the last breath away until okasaan's body is buried at the tanah perkuburan /graveyard do not have to do some small talk what okasaan eats for the last few days ...what okasaan does for the last few hours ...just buang masa ..just wasting your is better for okasaaan and for you all to keep quite but reciting the quran ... if okasaaan knows that okasaan is going to die before you if okasaan knows that okasaan will be surrounded by okasaan's children when okasaan died ....but , please recite the quran the moment okasaan is dead ...this morning pater asked okasaan to visit you know who laaa at you know where laaa...both of them cried whenever they talked about people that they know but are gone ...okasaan's time will come someday soon ..only we do not know when ...but one thing is very sure ...all human being will meet our Creator someday ...sooner or later only Allah Knows ...

  Dear children of heaven ,everyday pater talks about two things ..pater's retirement and when pater is going to build the house ...these two are pater's favourite subjects ...pater can never get tired talking about these two topics ...near the mosque ...or near the hospital ...or near pater's pater's house ....or near the old factory .
Pater is very afraid that he cannot provide one  before he is gone from this world ...what do you children , think for okasaan , let the time tells where ...

   Time to stop now usual  read your quran everyday ...solat as soon as the azan ends ..dress as good muslimahs do ...okasaan is not worried about those two hafizs ...insyaalllah they dress like a hafiz does ...
Adios ...see you soon .....

Friday, May 6, 2011

   Salaam children of heaven ,

Some old photos for all of you to see ..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

   Salaam children of heaven ,

   If okasaan tells you that okasaan misses the three of you you think okasaan is getting senile ...if okasaan tells the three of you that okasaan loves you more than okasaan loves okasaanself ..will you think okasaaan is getting a bit nyanyuk ....hahahahahaa.....there are times when okasaan wonders how opah and atuk can look after the ten of us ...and okasaan knows that between mak lang mak ndak and okasaan , okasaan is the most difficult one ...

  This evening pater kata nak pergi melawat the two dukturah in three years time if pater is still alive laa..pater kata nak pergi selama dua bulan ..pater is going to visit the two dukturahs for two months ...

  Dear children ,yesterday at ulu bendul ,three children drown while bathing there with their father ...they were only 2 years ,4 years and 5 years old...their father was only 28 years old...suddenly the water rises because it was raining in the hills ..okasaan did not know that ulu bendul can be that dangerous ...the water was just like pantai teluk lipat during the moonsoon season ..

Can you imagine the rocks are covered with water and so is the place where okasaan and brother ayi stand ... okasaan thinks of stopping laa..a bit sleepy laa..tomorrow is sportsday at okasaan's school ...have to sleep now ...please read your quran ..solat as soon as the azan ends and watch how you dress...m a said her examination starts on the 8th may and ends on the 15th...
Adios , see you soon ....may Allah Bless all of you ...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tiga serial

  Salaam children of heaven ,

  Dear children of heaven,  has okasaan tells you before that okasaan is going to retire in six years time and  pater , in three years time ...pater is now in kalut motion because he said we do not own a house yet ..last year pater told his friend from air putih that he is going to stay in some pondok in kelantan after he retires..hahahaha.... okasaan can still remembers the occasion when pater said that ...his friend and his family came to our house on that day because his daughter is having some practicals in pater's place ...last night okasaan and pater went to pinang merah ...the ust. there said just make sure that you do not come down when your friends go up ..  .hahahaha...just make sure that you live in the house for twenty five years ,the same amount of year that you work like mad to own that house ...

  As you know , only Allah Knows how long we are going to stay in our house ..sometimes okasaan longs to live in okasaa's own house ...okasaan wonder whether sleeping in our own house is different from sleeping in someone else's house ...but one thing is very sure...sleeping in tnb's house in paka is very safe ...we do not have to lock our door at night one is going to enter the house ,insyaallah ..

  Last night makandak said do not run after the world if all this time okasaan is doing such a thing ...hahahaha...what a joke hearing that thing from her ...but it is better late than never ...okasaan is very sure that all of you know that not everybody gets the petunjuk from Allah ...only the selected few get it banyakkan doa agar kita termasuk people that get this petunjuk yusuf islam @ cat steven. ..and dear children ,this morning , the ceo of maidam came to okasaan's school..he gave our school rm10,000 from wang zakat enlarge the musolla ..he told okasaan to tell the two dukturahs to study hard and get mumtaz for your examination result ...and please ,please,please do not get married before you are in the fifth year ...hahahaha...this is the part that okasaan differs from him ...only Allah knows the year the month the week the day the hour the minute when the two of you will get married ...

  It is nearly 11pm now but okasaan's eyes are still as big as the saucepan in the kitchen ...pater is at one to talk to sad and how lonely our life can be at sometimes ...but there are times when okasaan prefers to be alone rather than to have many people surrounding us ..example you know where laaa.. nowdays whenever pater goes to you know where ,he always ask okasaan to follow him ...can be very boring and very troublesome ...

  Dear children , have to stop now ...okasaan can still go on and on and on ...but tomorrow is school day and okasaan has to wake up early use spending the time by sleeping when you are at okasaan's age ..maybe today maybe tomorrow okasaan is going to follow atuk and opah , okasaan's pater and mater ...
Please read your quran so that the quran can gives syafaat to you ..solat ,as soon as the azans end and dress as  good muslimahs dress ..the two hafizs always wear jubah and kurtas and sarung ...
Adios , see you soon ...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hari pekerja hari buruh makes no difference laa

   Salaam children of heaven,

  Tonight okasaan feels like writing in malay has been such a long time since okasaan writes in malay ..
Okasaan was in form four when this incident occured ..okasaan can still remembers it ..seems like yesterday when okasaan thinks about it you all know okasaan's secondary school was convent bukit nanas ..up on the hill of bukit nanas ,near the st.john school...but mind you all ..okasaan does not look like the school at all ..

  Satu hari saya meminta duit untuk membeli sepasang kasut sekolah kerana kasut lama saya hampir koyak ..kaki saya agak besar dan kasut lama agak sempit ...masa cuti sekolah  tu saya ingat mahu membeli sepasang kasut baru ...aduhai ...sedihnya rasa hati ...saya pulang ke asrama tanpa kasut sekolah yang baru...berderai-derai airmata saya apabila abah berkata "bukan abah tak mau bagi tapi abah takde duit"...sepanjang perjalanan dari sabak bernam - kuala lumpur airmata saya tidak berhenti mengalir sehingga pemandu teksi yang abah sewa agak kehairanan..maklumlah ..biasanya saya tidak begitu....itu insiden pertama...ini pula insiden kedua...masih lagi di tingkatan empat di awal-awal persekolahan ...saya di dalam aliran sains tetapi saya sangat membenci matematik tambahan...nak tahu mengapa...di dalam tingkatan empat saya duduk di belakang kerana saya tergolong pelajar tinggi ...yang susahnya cermin mata saya sudah agak kelabu ..selama hampir tiga bulan saya melopong setiap kali guru matematik tambahan mengajar ...sudahlah saya buta telinga pula hampir pekak kerana bahasa inggeris saya kurang lancar ...akibatnya saya ketinggalan ..apabila ustazah memberi duit untuk mengganti cermin mata baru ..saya sudah membenci add.maths ..

  Whenever okasaan thinks of these incidents , okasaan tries not to cry ...okasan can still remembers the way atuk said 'i don't have the money "... Ya okasaan has all the money in the world to buy those shoes and those spectacles...if only okasaan can reversed the world around...okasaan would surely reversed the world to that day again ..okasaan would tell atuk ..never mind abah ..i can still wear my old shoes for some time whenever those two hafizs want to buy new sandals ,okasaan always tells them "just choose which pattern you think best"...okasaan does not want to make all okasaan's children cry ....not now not tomorrow..but twenty or thirty years from now ...

  Dear children of heaven , have okasaan tell you that atuk was the best pater in the whole world and opah was the best mater ...if only okasaan was sixteen years old again ...that is why dear children ,okasaan is the way okasaan now ..the money in okasaan hands have wings of their own ...hahahahahahaha...

  Adios , see you soon...but as usual please read your quran everyday ...solat as soon as the azan ends ..dresss as a good muslimah ...