Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Not all who wander are lost

Salaam, there =)

It is almost 8pm here now. I slept like a log in the evening. I had a long day today. First as there was no lecture (again?!) I went to outpatient clinic. It was hectic there. Too much Masriyyat students and Imtyaz doctors. I barely had a chance to observe and do examination. I think I only took blood pressure from 2 mothers, 1 abdominal examination, few ultrasounds and PV examination. Still it was better than sitting in the lecture hall with girls talking non-stop. I love OPC lots better than reading in the hall like that. 10 cases arent too bad, right? I will come again tomorrow, iA. But first I think I am lacking in theory so much. I didnt even know what is the difference between menorrhagia, metrorhagia and menometrorhagia. Then my time in OPC, 2-3hours could be meaningless! I don't know where things I observe in OPC are going to lead me. So first thing first, I need a base. A map which can direct me where to go. Let alone la bahasa dorang guna. I really wanna cry when they talked well, like I am masriyyat :D

At 11, I took the elevator to the New Building where I do my clinical round with the professor. Well actually, it is not as clinical as much you are thinking about. We did clerk her. But I think it is not sufficient enough. We discussed the history of the patient, her progress, her management plan and all. Sometimes we do ultrasound for her. But I think this is not enough. I hope to discuss patient in a way those student who is in turn must attend outpatient clinic. She must be present in outpatient clinic and will pick up mothers who are going to be admitted. Soon, she is the one who must follow up her investigations and the result. She must present that result in front of the class. And at last she will help in assisting the resident or medical officer in charge to discharge patient or to make referral. She will help in giving antenatal care from A to Z. I know this is hard. But the hard is always the right thing you have to do in the right way. I don't know if I can voice this out. People will always first check on my background before they want to analyse what I'm saying about. Either I am qualified or not, etc. And this is going to involve so much people and papers. I don;t think the administration wants to add more on their plate. The timetable for lecturers is already a pain. I must find my way out. I know this is sad. But I hope someone told me months ago. What to do, how and all. That way I think things are going to be more benefit, enlightening me the subjects and all. Both surgery and obgyne.

Okay, I need to submit my research by tonight. Dr Ghada gave me her FB (lol). She said she will check it first, then if I can come to ER after tomorrow she will do the correction with me, and then I can go straight away to Prof Asmaa'. I dont know. I think FB is very personal, except for those you intend to connect with la. I think she is the 1st female lecturer who gave me her FB. Because I remember texting something about MRCS from a surgery resident in which she ignored me twice! So what's the point to give me her phone number if she wasn't going to connect with me. She can just ignore me that day, I don't mind at all. Now I just have to do my best in final exam Surgery than I will ask Prof Badawy to guide me next year to prepare for MRCS. I don't want to depend on him. I just want a guide from him. That's all. All people I depend all these while one by one slip me off from their hands. Guess what? I have a revenge too.Mihahahaha

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