Thursday, February 16, 2017

The waiting game

Hi, assalamualaikum!

     So, hamdulillah today we received the result. We both passed, me got JJ and Ma got J. I think it is still a good result. Despite that we want more, we know this works the best for us. After all, this only symbolizes what you did in the last 4 years. What is more significant is what you prepare now for the next crucuial 4 years. I believe we all know what is trending now in Malaysia. The overnumbered of medical grads and of course the latest, the highest civil servants who leave the job belong to house officer.

     I am always at nervous state as I am really aware that in fact me and Ma is the first kid who went to medical school. We have nobody to ask about medical school life, whats to do during school break and what profession we are going to take. Basically it all comes from the books, internet, friends and of course figures that pay a visit to Cairo. We managed to get first with Dr Har when we was in 3rd yr. So thats the first time I mingled with person, which is not my professors in college. Someone who comes from my homeland, speaks my language and soon to be my collegue. But I came to recall that Dr Har and her friend spoke something about our attitude and things to do to polish us during school days. Of course it helps.

    And one more thing that really gives a good glimpse about my future is internet. I just have to type things I want to know and tadaa there you go. I got to know that if I'm interested to further in Surgery, I can take MRCS that held by Royal College in UK. I followed Muharikah, etc.

    So today, after few months of searching, analyzing, discussing and etc, I handed my imtyaz application letter to Syaimaa, the assistant in Malaysian Student Affairs. I made a different letter for me and Ma. Lets see how it is going to be. As for MRCS, I can see that I will not take them in Cairo. I really dont know what to do now. You know the waiting game. Wait for everything. I need my coordinator to first check the letter and send me the approval. Then I can work on my working visa in Cairo. Hopefully, I will get the 1 yr period. It is a real pain to have a few months visa when you are dealing with unique creatures on the Earth. I dont want to talk about this. But shit just got real. HAHA. What do you think I'm thinking right now? Due to some new recent regulations made for the visa application, I couldnt get my 2016's. I worked on them since September. But when the letter of approval came, showing me that I am a student the wakil visa couldnt work on that. Why? Because the date of application is already expired. Okay, fine. My bad I always too kind to leave the class to make my tasdiq. Why? Because every Tuesday there is Anatomy class. And Ammu Alaq only come on Tuesday. So so messed up! I couldnt leave the class, sorry not sorry. The class is important. So that explains why I didnt have my 2016's and was fined a good LE100 , *thumbs down

     So another waiting game is can I go to Alex?

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