Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tomorrow with You

Salaam wbt,

    Hi all. How are you doing, guys? I hope you all are enjoying what you are doing. As for me and Ma, we are enjoying our long holiday to the fullest. It's been almost 3 weeks since we last sat for the final exam. We have a good news! We just got our visa to stay for another few months in Cairo. Oh God knows how hard is it to get one because this year they have changed the format and procedure. It was a real pain to go back and forth, met people to get the signatures. Why not when you are dealing with one of most difficult people on the earth!

    We started to work on the visa application since September@October because we wanted to free from headache during the study leave. But things didnt work accordingly. Few problems arised. The admin women both in Student's Affairs and Wakil Visa knew our faces already. Finally we both managed to bring the tasdiq, a conteng2 already hoping that our application will be approved. I prayed this going to pay off as we already plan to travel around as umi and akak are coming in few weeks. Hamdulillah. Now I am more at ease. Settle satu mende. Haha

    The problem now is that the same stupid problem comes to akak's visa. The pegawai was mistakenly wrote her name. It was clearly wrongly pronounced. Had the pain troubled abang yesterday, I bet umi found it will be hard to abang to teman akak again. I hope Allah will open the door and lead the way for akak and umi. It is never easy when it comes to Mesir. urghh

    I was informed that tomorrow or after tomorrow, our result will be announced. I have a good feeling that we all will pass this. I really want to get better result from 5th yr's. I knew I didnt do too well, but I'm hoping to get mumtaz. But I know it is hard. So, I think Jayyid Jiddan is still good. I just don't want to get Jayyid anymore. I enjoy Surgery and ObGyn very much and I hope to bring home good memories. Azhar University is not the same with other universities, I told you. They held a difficult exam every year. And difficult professors too. They are kind, of course. Lovely much. But when it comes to the exam, they somehow looks like stepmother who tortures us, the Cinderellas. Haha

     As for time being, I'm preparing for MRCS Part A. I plan to sit for this exam in this Sept, inshaaAllah. I hope to pass in one go. And then spend a good final weeks in Egypt with abi and umi and then head home to sit for my iv with SPA. Or maybe I will just go home to sit for iv, then come again to Cairo. If the iv takes place in Ocober (please, dear God) I will go home for a week then come again to Cairo with abi and umi and perhaps the other siblings. While I'm finishing my final internship, they can enjoy Egypt. And when the iv's result come out, I will head home. Got 1-2 weeks to prepare for work.

    Say hi to Cairo, here I come travelling!

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